Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No in between

Once again there are no "just snotty noses" in this house. When things go south in the health department, it happens quickly, furiously and seriously. Mary Louise and David were just fine - dancing and begging to go to the park and play just a little longer one afternoon. The next morning, Mary Louise sounded extremely congested and I heard a very slight wheeze in her upper chest. David was snorty and snotty and both had rising temps. We visited the pedi office yesterday and they did some blood work to confirm the bacterial infection(s): bronchitis and sinus infections all round. We started the loading dose of their antibiotics yesterday along with an expectorant for the mucous and an anti-inflammatory for fever.

They did relatively well last night all things considered - waking a few times - but just to whine and roll over, snuggle or want drinks. Mary Louise has certainly been hit the hardest.

They seem to be "getting rid" of some of the congestion today and their fevers are there but not quite as furious. So I think they are in the very beginning of mending. We are certainly taking it very easy today - and staying as quiet as possible by reading a mountain of books, doing puzzles and watching PBS...yeah. TV. They really like Elmo, Dinosaur Train and love to participate in Super Why activities. We try not to do this everyday, but really, if they learn their letters and want to read more because some cartoon or character on TV makes it look more fun, I'm ok with that.

My ultrasound yesterday went really well. My cervix remains unchanged and tightly closed. Length is still over 4cm. The baby is doing well - and we can actually find out the gender at this point...though we won't...but it's fun to know that quite literally everything is there in a tiny 4 to 5 inch perfect little bundle.We saw the facial profile, a tiny nose, fingers and toes, and lots of wiggles and flips. Apparently our baby is "extremely active" according to all of the ultrasound techs we've seen so far (3). (sound familiar to anyone besides me?? hmm?? *cough* Mary Louise and David?? *cough*)

We start p17 shots next week. I have my filled script here at the house and can do them at home - yay. A self  inflicted intra muscular injection? woot woot. Why not? Hopefully I can stave off the illness around here and keep the excitement at a nice minimum.

We go back to the perinatologist early next week, then begin preliminary pregnancy labs the following week - who wants to let out some cheers for saving your own pee for 24 hours!!? anyone? anyone? (I know Brent totally does!) More on that later...but not much more... I'm pretty sure you've just heard all you every didn't want to hear about a 24 hour urine collection. ha.

So happy and thankful things are still going well with Suga and loving the extra snuggle time with my tiny snotters.

Oh! Suga is about 4 ounces in weight now! - a whole quarter of a pound!! Right on track with heartbeat as well at 158. Head and abdomen are measuring appropriately - about 2 days ahead of schedule but during the second trimester, it is normal to fluctuate in gestational age and measurements collected during ultrasounds. Also, the placenta is well (and properly) implanted, aging normally and functioning well. My amniotic fluid is at a great level too. That's the Suga Bean run down for now!



  1. You. crack. me. up.

    Love you big, McCall

  2. Hopefully nobody confuses the pee collection for apple juice!