Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well Traveled Part 2 (Homecoming)

I woke up extra early and nervously prepared for the trip home on Sunday. With little sleep and travel alone, I was certainly on edge. I hitched a ride with cousins and was at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Learning from the trip there, I packed a little differently (batteries on the outside) and notified security right away that I was traveling with breastmilk and a pump. There was no issue this time - just some extra time and testing (they weighed the stored milk I'd pumped and I think maybe scanned it or something - I don't know. I didn't have to open anything and it seemed very non-invasive all things considered.)

Everett and I took our time. I returned the carseat we'd rented, got breakfast and checked in with Brent a few times. Mary Louise and David were slowly getting better - definitely not worse. They were both on antibiotics and doing well with breathing treatments. Props to Brent for keeping his wits about him through it all!

When we were finally able to board, (note to Southwest: your policy of no pre-boarding for a mother traveling alone with a newborn and carry on bags only is just silly and the way it's presented at the gate is nothing short of demeaning...I'm not asking for anything but a few seconds of time without some jerk breathing down my neck because they have to wait for me to settle in) we settled in by the window and waited for our "roomies". 2 business men - who did not bother hiding the moans and groans as they came upon little E perched in my lap.

Thankfully, all went really well. I'm pretty sure Everett was having a bit of a growth spurt - or just needed tons of extra comfort during our trip (the latter is likely, but he definitely gained weight while we were gone as well). He nursed the entire flight: 4 and a half hours - active nursing. I feel like superwoman for enduring (and will go ahead with my figurative pats on the back - you're welcome grumpy nay sayer "roomies"- my nipples will never be the same...what - you were all thinking the same thing).

As we landed, I started to get butterflies. I missed my "big kids" and super hubby so very much that I could hardly wait for the grins, the hugs, and yes, the snotty noses.

They did not disappoint:

Sweet babies and Daddy made a homecoming banner! (it's been 2 weeks and it's still hanging...and I still smile everytime I walk in the door!)

Once home, Everett did a whole lot of this:

and this:

and the big kids loved their sweet Oregon t's:

oh - and so did the E man

Precious hearts - I missed you more than words can say...together again and always:


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  1. I would love a copy of the second to last picture for the fridge and the one of E for Lizzie. Would you mind? love the banner. I didn't know my cousin was artistic! love to all! Rob