Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding Day

So, I mentioned my big brother Damon got married last was absolutely gorgeous.

The day of the wedding, the weather was just stunning. Not too hot, or cool. Very comfortable. The surroundings and venue were so relaxing with lavender in rows and the hum of bees, smell of (lavender and) rose hips, happy people watering and arranging flowers in the amazing nursery. Seriously, with the amount of lavender there, I would think it almost impossible to be stressed...

Roses - divine:

The set up:

Mom and her "little" babies:

I'm just so glad we stayed right there and were able to get a "behind the scenes" look and enjoy the property before the major excitement began.

Seriously?! Part of the nursery was actually set up as a walking meditation garden!

Mason jar table arrangements- fresh picked that morning of course!

After a rather long look-see, we headed back to the cottage to get cleaned up. I was so very lucky to be able to visit with 2 of Brent's cousins during the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon. Love that they got to meet sweet Everett so early! (and that they helped with him so I could enjoy a long bath and primping time!)
E might have been a little possessive over (his) Robin!

I'm pretty sure she didn't mind though:

Snuggle time with Liz went well too;

She was even a great sport about his "gift" of puke on her jacket a bit later...thankfully, she'd layered her clothing for just that occasion!

Kyle spent the day cooking the main courses for the reception...yes. Believe that.

Tables were arranged with handmade napkins folded into fleur de lis:

There were so many sweet and sentimental details - it was just lovely.
Cake topper:

Yeah - we clean up ok:

Everett hit a rough patch that sadly coincided with the actual ceremony...but otherwise, he was amazing! (especially considering the amount of travel he'd done and the 2 hour time difference!)

Cousins (with E napping)

Still hanging in there!

Love family affairs!

The bride and groom - may they have a lifetime of health, happiness and love together.


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