Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mere and Pops and our little Ballerina!

A few weeks ago now - August 10th or so (I'm a bit behind with blogging - see previous posts laced with a Debbie Downer attitude) - Mere and Pops came for a weekend visit...just in time to see...

The newest (and dare I say cutest) little ballerina in Lake Charles!

She was so proud to show off her new duds!!

and practice!

(Truth be known, my excitement might rival hers just a tad)

She's just stunning to me - and was so grown up when choosing the style leotard she wanted and when trying on her outfit for her up coming class. She'll be taking classical ballet at a local (and rather serious) school here beginning in another couple of weeks. She asks daily if "today is da day for my bal-day quass".

Mere and Pops spent the weekend enjoying some much needed g-kid time...and confirmed my long standing opinion that every kid has their very own grandparent...

I'll explain:
In my opinion, kids adore all of their grandparents, but usually have a different bond with one of them - a bond they are born with, one that can neither be hidden, taught, nor broken. It just is. Of course all of the grandparents are loved - adored even. But there is always a different bond with just one - a fierce one that is just there from the start.

There are few things that light up Mary Louise's face like the mention of a trip to Mommom's.
David calls for "My Mere" almost every time he gets fussed at and asks for her non stop when he knows a visit is coming.

And Everett?

He simply had not connected to anyone like he did with "his Pops"

and I'm pretty sure that was more than fine with Pops...even if he did get snapped at a few times:

Snuggle bums:

Telling secrets:


Mere and Pops brought FLASHLIGHTS!! and Heaven help us because that 2 dollar investment has become the most expensive toy in the house (not really)! New bulbs: 2, new batteries: countless
(looking for monsters)

looking for molars:


I even "forced" the crew to take group pictures. (guess who the photo bomber was...)

She came around just as the boys went south:

close enough:

a favorite - too bad it's slightly off focus:

It was a really wonderful weekend. But, Mary Louise was a little off with the pressures of trying to potty train:

I'm so sorry baby girl.

Things have been much improved and we've talked lots about better communication since going back to diapers. She's still game to try and coming around very slowly with improving. So we'll see...I know one day I won't be changing diapers anymore...and I'll miss it. Yes. I will. (believe it or not).

But in my defense, the changing table is getting a bit short guys. So lets move it along so I can get to missin'!

(and thanks Mere and Pops for the wonderful visit!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!)



  1. Love this post! ML looks so sweet in her ballet leotards! Hope Pops shares some sugar cane with Everett someday! :-)

  2. LOVE! And stunning pictures. Love them all, even with those who didn't want to smile pretty. Not all special moments are "pretty" nor "perfect."

    And SO TRUE about the grandparents!!! My Mere was "my" grandmother. Our connection goes back further than I can remember. The past few days during diaper changes Robert has been pointing just over my shoulder at the ceiling beaming and chatting away about something. I can't help but think he is talking to an in particular, of course. :)