Friday, February 17, 2012

(sort of) Back on Track

Brent got home Wednesday night after 3 days away on business. His welcome home consisted of an overly exhausted pregnant wife, 2 sick kids - but at least I got the dogs washed, cooked a nice dinner including my first attempt at homemade stone ground whole wheat bread and kept up with minor house cleaning and laundry. So, not a total disaster right?

We are continuing breathing treatments for Mary Louise 3 times per day and as needed at night. For the most part, she wakes in the wee hours of the morning with coughing and we do a treatment. Then one in the morning, one at night with steroids mixed in long with one mid day with just Xopenex are all done making a total of about 4 to 5 treatments in a 24 hour period (this morning, she woke at 4am needing a treatment so we just did her morning dose with steroids and she was fine until around noon). She has a ton of mucous, but it seems to be staying in her sinuses as opposed to sinking into her bronchioles and chest as it has before.

David is doing well recovering from his sniffles so far. He was doing well enough to attend his speech session today. There he did wonderful things - repeating correctly and appropriately, spontaneous utterances that were appropriate and intelligible and rambling on in his David sort of way. He came out and proudly told me about his session, showed me his sticker picture and his pencils he'd chosen for himself and for "my meese" (his Mary Louise). He then jumped (literally) all the way to the car and sang all the way home. (So I think he felt pretty good today).

The Sugs and I are doing well too. Sweet baby kicks constantly (I know I say this all the time, but it's true!). Brent sat next to me touching my belly through a movie last night. Just over and hour in, he said, "no wonder you're always tired! That baby hasn't stopped moving yet!" A few minutes of thought later, he looked at me worried and asked, "umm...the baby does stop at some point during the day right??" *sigh*. My belly is certainly growing, but I tried on a little jumper I wore with the triplets during our hospital stay today only to find it ridiculously enormous. So, as big as I think I am now, it doesn't seem to compare to what I was before - that dress worked quite hard while I was in the hospital but today it looked as if I'd lost weight with the pleats flowing empty around my (apparently little) lump. We have our next OB appointment on Wednesday afternoon. My home blood pressures have risen slightly with exercise (if I take my pressure after climbing the stairs, it is high normal) but at rest have remained just the same - quite low and routinely around 104ish/ 70's. The rise is expected during the next few weeks, so I'm keeping an eye on things just to make sure my medication doesn't need adjusting. My rings still fit just fine and my feet don't seem or feel swollen at all so things are going well there too.

Taking things one day at a time and hoping our feisty Meese is back to telling us all what to do tomorrow!

Big news this week: David has been eating so well that my little string bean needed his diaper snaps adjusted around his waist!! "Too tight wite heeya Momma!"


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