Wednesday, February 22, 2012

28 weeks 3 days!

Mommom and Brent came along for my regular OB appointment this afternoon. After having a month long hiatus from the place, I was anxious to see how our little one was doing, how much the Sugs had grown, etc. He / she did NOT disappoint:

Our "little" baby weighed in at just above average at 2 pounds 15 ounces. That's right - 1 ounce shy of 3 whopping pounds!! No wonder I've had quite a bit of aching in my lower belly (believed to be associated with the scarring left from the previous section). My uterus is stretching like mad! That baby has grown a pound in the past month and promises to double in weight over the next couple of months! All measurements came in around 30 week gestational average. (The baby is measuring at 30 weeks gestation). However, my due date (May 13th) remains the same. The rule of thumb is, the later in pregnancy the measurements are taken, the less reliable the measurements are in predicting due date.

All is well in utero though. Fluid levels looked great, the baby's heart rate was 153 beats per minute. My cervix is doing just fine and my doctor announced today that "though I was very concerned in the beginning, cervical competence is no longer a concern of mine."

The baby was rather hilarious. We turned on the 4D ultrasound and saw a yawn or 2 and little one having fun smushing his / her face against my uterine walls. The baby's position was head down (normal) and a little hard to work with, but we did see that all was well and even got a few profile views.

My blood pressure is doing well - 110/80 in office today.

I will see my regular OB again in 2 weeks. Following that visit, I will have weekly in office ultrasounds to ensure the health and safety of the baby. I am on Labetalol (a beta blocker for blood pressure). Though my dose is extremely low, and my blood pressure well controlled, I still have a history of hypertension. This increases my risk (above the average population) for still birth. Though my risk for such is still low, frequent monitoring is warranted this late in pregnancy. (puh-lease. you didn't think I could completely relax from here on out right??) The medical monitoring protocol consists of either twice weekly non-stress tests (at the hospital) or a quick in office ultrasound (biophysical profile). Time saver, money saver, and I get to see sweet baby once a week. Win.

I have to go in for some lab work tomorrow - a glucose tolerance test and general blood counts. Hoping it all comes out ok. We shall see!



  1. Oh man, I didn't make it to the glucose test the first time around. With Sam, I failed and had to do the three hour test - brutal (but worth it that it meant I was that far!).

    With your history of hypertension will they just let you go naturally or will they want to induce earlier (37/38 weeks) as a precaution?

    SO GLAD things are continuing to go well!

  2. That's wonderful!!! How do you not "see" the gender on the 4D U/S? Or are they careful about not showing those parts?

  3. It's been so fun reading about your pregnancy. I had a full-term baby and then 24 week twins. Although I think I am done having babies, I always wonder if I could carry another baby to term. I guess I'll just have to stick to reading blogs because I have my hands pretty full. Congrats on making it this far and best wishes for a full-term baby!