Sunday, February 12, 2012

Family time

This morning, Mary Louise and David decided 5:30am was an absolutely perfect time for a "Monkey George" viewing. (They absolutely adore Curious George). Brent and I reluctantly obliged and I set about defeating the developing laundry beast while Mary Louise and David snuggled on the sofa and Brent tended to the dogs and Mills (the cat).

We then settled in together and had a little family time. David graciously sang us a song while Mary Louise read aloud.

We made our way out of the house a little later for a family breakfast and to run a few errands. Mary Louise and David have taken to yelling, "GO FAST DADA!!" when Brent drives places...I have no idea where they picked that one up?! They were just so good during breakfast. It was the first time Brent and I were both able to finish our meals and head out the door without feeling as if we needed to stop at each table and apologize for even attempting to bring our heathens in public.

Once home, I rested for a bit on my own while Brent and the kiddos relaxed awhile downstairs. Brent and I divided and conquered the weekly house cleaning when I got up.

Suga and I hit 27 weeks of pregnancy today! 13 weeks (at most) to go! I am still feeling really good and am so thankful for the stronger and stronger kicks and rolls...ok - some of the rolls feel a bit concerning - but I'm trying to keep my over sensitive nerves in check and just enjoy this ride. Brent is sitting here next to me with his hand on my belly trying to feel the kicks as I type. I love watching Brent's face light up as my ever growing belly jumps and jerks.


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