Sunday, February 19, 2012

Every 2 weeks from here on out!

That's right!! Little Suga Bean is 28 weeks old (gestation) today!!! Because I identify with preemie milestones...for obvious reasons...I acknowledge this day for what it is in preemie terms: making it to 28 weeks in pregnancy means your baby generally has a 95% chance of surviving. This is a mortality rate only - not a morbidity rate. From here on out, the general survival rate does not go up, but morbidity rates get better (less chance of profound disabilities) about every 2 weeks. Make sense? (sometimes, I jumble my words...). This is, of course, to be considered a general rule and can be adjusted for individual situations. However, as I haven't had any major complications thus far, I am assuming the general rule applies here. Accordingly, not only is there a cause for celebration everyday this journey continues, but even more so every 2 weeks from here on out (which, if you're keeping count, is around 12 weeks now!!! 3rd trimester!!! Oh. My. Great. Golly!)

So, I invite everyone who has spent moments, months and years in thought, prayer, tears and smiles for our family to commence with their most favorite happy dance moves right this very minute. It's ok - with this belly, I guarantee I look more ridiculous than you do - but since it's Mardi Gras time, I can also guarantee that even at 10:30am, there are people not too far from here looking more ridiculous than all of us.

This morning: a conversation with my sweet baby girl Meesey:
ML: My watch Tom Sawyer Mommy?
Me: Ok. Let me see if Netflix will cooperate...(hiding my surprise at her completely understandable request to view a Mark Twain classic...)
ML: My have sumping to eat Mommy?
Me: (this was after she'd already had yogurt raisins, cheese, crackers, cheerios, bananas, pancakes, bacon, 2 cups of juice and water and I'm sure a few other nibbles) ok, I'll find a nice snack for you.
ML: very casual - almost teenage tone: Thanks.
...and she walks out of the kitchen and makes herself comfortable on the sofa with a Micky Mouse birthday book and begins singing - in correct tone, "Happy Birf-day hoo-hoo!" while flipping the pages.

Is she seriously turning 3 in 2 months? Surely she's more like 13 right? Oh - but then again, I suppose if she were turning 13, she wouldn't be talking to me at all -and more than likely would be sleeping at 8 am rather than eating after being up for 3 hours. Yep. Thanks kids for the 5am wake.

More importantly, thanks Brent for taking them downstairs so that I could try to sleep off this nasty sore throat and post nasal drip that I have acquired after caring for the 2 sickies all week.

It literally rained all day yesterday over here. Miserable, damp cold and torrential rain fell all. day. long. I'm very happy the sun is high and bright today - hoping for a little vitamin D therapy this afternoon!

Gracious thanks for the continued prayers and support...


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  1. A very, VERY happy dance for you over here! Once I passed Gav's 27 week milestone when I was pregnant with Sam, my thoughts turned to "ok, if the baby is born now we'll only have to endure...."

    A friend of mine had a baby at 29 weeks. She had steroids 48 hours prior to delivery and needed NO oxygen at all! Amazing what a couple weeks will do, truly amazing.