Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Parental confessions: sometimes, things aren't all that fun.

Gah. This week. This week has been - well, less than stellar.

Mary Louise has been on a clingy streak for a number of weeks now. She whines constantly and she and David vie and fight for attention all. day. long. Don't get me wrong: the fact that I've now gone from "Momma" to "Mommy" is really endearing. Also the fact that Mary Louise and David are exploding with new and fun vocabulary has been amazing. But life, none the less, has been over exhausting; and things don't seem to be letting up any time soon.

David woke with rosey cheeks on Monday - not like him at all. Mary Louise was so whiny I could hardly take it. Honestly, it was the equivalent of someone following me all day long letting air slowly leak from a balloon while scratching a chalk board.

The culprit? teething. 2 year molars, as it turns out, are a beast to cut.

Mary Louise has one that has pushed through but the others are still just below the surface of the gum tissue. She has the meanest rash on her bum and I've started a 3 day round of yeast cream just to be safe. (in case you're wondering, she's in disposables right now) None of David's teeth have come through but they are obviously bothering him. Their digestion is completely wrecked - as in constipation - it only took thinking about dosing them to slow things down. The up side is that they are both eating and drinking like mad.

Last night, Mary Louise got up about midnight and had developed some really nasty sinus congestion, sneezing, and a slight wheeze. David had a tiny drip of a runny nose yesterday and I was REALLY hoping it was teething related. Obviously not. My current guess is another cold- type of virus. Mary Louise is no worse this morning and we're through 2 steroid breathing treatments so I'm hoping the snot stays in her face rather than seeping into her chest...but I'm on edge just thinking about another round of this mess.

She was doing really really well since the last illness finally subsided - off of treatments for weeks with no sign of wheezing or coughing. Even now, she is playing, "reading" and this morning asked for pancakes and syrup of which she ate a good portion. So, it **seems*** run of the mill right now. Time will tell.

A side note - maybe one day a teen Mary Louise and David will read this and think better of trying whatever the "cool" inhalant is at the time: The only (environmental) thing we have really noticed that the kids react to is cigarette smoke. It drives them crazy - coughing mostly. We've encountered it at parks a couple of times - a parent will sit on a nearby bench and light up, the wind will carry the smoke in our direction and we typically have to just leave. Nevermind that these places, in my opinion, should be smoke free...

So, life has not been a party here during the past few days. We'll get over it. There are other factors in play as well: anyone want to come give my spoiled dogs a bath and some attention?? How about opening a heart healthy take out place offering low sodium options??

*sigh* Hoping for a restful couple of days and nice Mardi Gras weekend without too many shenanigans.


P.S. David has been learning to hit a ball with a bat! He's working really hard and doing well with it...sometimes I wish he would maybe wait for outside time to do it - but his hand eye coordination is definitely improving so I'll just encourage him to limit his hitting to the the playroom or hall...and tell Mary Louise to duck and run when he has the bat. They'll work it out - it's not a very hard bat anyhow...ha.

Oh - and Mary Louise just pooped! My day has gotten infinitely better!


  1. Iowa enacted a smoke free act in recent years. About the only place you can smoke is in your home, in your car, or in a casino. A lot of outdoor areas in vicinity of (some statute) is off limits. Hopefully this legislation will catch on in other areas!

    It's not fun sometimes. Yesterday I had lunch with a girlfriend I worked with in college and we were remembering our partying days and she asked if I missed it. My answer was that sometimes I miss the lack of responsibility, and the ability to be so selfish, and sometimes kids are just hard. But the good moments with them are so worth everything else, I would never change it. Hoping for a quick turnaround.

  2. Heather, so sorry, I can't really relate with two. but Jimmie was throwing huge fits and all he wanted was me to play with him all day long. Thank goodness for my job (3 days a week for 3 hours) it really does keep me sane. Justin was sick yesterday, so I am waiting for it to hit. Hugs and prayers.