Sunday, August 18, 2013

Convos with 4 year olds

David and I talking over pancakes this morning:

David: What's that??
Me: Peach syrup Daddy got while in Ruston. Would you like to try it?
David: Ummmmmmm sure!
Me: (pouring)
David: So dis is peach syrup yike da peach we ate yast night with da red skin?
Me: yes - like the peaches Daddy brought home a few weeks ago...
David: da peaches with da red skin and I didn't yike dat red skin but the peaches were deeeee-wishus but I didn't yike dat red skin so you took it off???
Me: yes. The peach syrup is made from peaches just like that.
David: and nay-pool syrup is made from...nay-pools?
Me: well, the sap of maple trees. Maple syrup comes from trees...
David: ok. So nay-pool syrup comes from trees and peach syrup comes from peaches with da red skin I didn't yike and nights come from castles??
Me: well, a manner of speaking...
David: ok! and maybe I can be a knight? and maybe dus a supa-hewoe? or maybe a ba-weese officer? or maybe a fireman? and and umm can I go pway with my friend May-weese now?
Me: yes, you can go play and you can do all of those things David? Do you know why you can do all those things?
David: umm - yes Mooom...because I can do any-ting I want to...*sigh*...can I go pway now?
Me: yes Bub. Go play.

*Lincoln Log explosion in the play room...LOTS of giggles and all 3 working*

Last night with Mary Louise:
Me: ok Drama Queen...
ML: Moooom, you don't call me Drama Queen. You call me boo-ti-ful.
Me: Excuse me. I stand corrected.
ML: hmph.

Mary Louise was running down a brick walk at the farmers' market yesterday morning. Brent was following with Everett and David yelling at Mary Louise to slow down. She fell and cut her leg just above her knee pretty badly. She recovered quickly though - blood and all and I got her in her car seat with some clean tissues until we could get to the pharmacy (thankfully, it was at the very end of the market day so we just packed up and left a few minutes early). Bandaids, Neosporin and Motrin in hand, I went to clean her up a little better:

ML: Mom, you da docca now and putting a bandaid on da docca Meesey Pie's knee! You such a good docca Mommy!! Thank you!!

Love these kids and loving their quizzy and helpful ages. 

We had a good first day at the market. Though I'm not sure we're really with our "niche" group of customers, we'll give the Sulphur location one more try. Other vendors said it was a very slow day. But the weather was beautiful, I talked to alot of interested people, and if I enticed a person enough to simply SAMPLE what I had, they almost always bought something. So there's that. I'm still working on getting in on the ones closer to the house though - in part because, well, they're closer, but mostly because I think our products will do better there. (A number of people saw "organic" and "molasses" and "local honey" and said, "oh no sug, I don't do none of that healthy stuff." This makes me sad...

A pic Brent snapped with his phone:

It can only get better from here right???


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