Friday, August 16, 2013

Week in Review

Just to recap the week:

Brent and I did our first triathlon relay together. It was fun.
We met our hematologist and found out Everett probably doesn't have some completely random and bizarre genetic disorder. We were happy. He does, however, have a pretty severe iron deficiency and will be on daily medications as well as a high iron diet until Christmas. So, there's that.
Everett is cutting a top molar. He's taking it well all things considered - just clingy and nursing as much as possible. Odd thing is: he seems to be getting all of his teeth on the right side of his mouth first.
I committed to having a booth at one of the local farmers' markets. My first day is tomorrow. I'll sell homemade granola, molasses cookies and organic elderberry syrup made with local honey under the name "Downtown Naturals". I'm excited...and nervous. But, mostly excited. Even if the whole thing is a flop, at least I'm trying it out and fulfilling my exotic dream of participating as a vendor at a farmers' market. (I know - I should simmer down - dreamin' big here!)
AAAAAnd Mary Louise had allergy testing today. She looked like this in the waiting room:

She was so very excited to have a little "Mommy-Meesey time" believe it or not! (sweet baby girl - love her)

As it turns out, she's allergic to just about everything - including dogs, cats, horses and cows as well as grass, pollen, weeds, a few molds and a number of trees. Superb. Please excuse me while I sit in the corner and have a small pity party.

Here's how it went:
Me: wow Mary Louise! you're doing so well! (as the nurse is applying the allergens - ML didn't move at all)
RN: I know! she's being so patient and calm!
Me: What's that giant growing red dot? Is that something she's allergic to?
RN: uh - yeah. That's dog saliva.
Me: (jaw drop) (the sound of the selfish portion of my heart breaking into a thousand pieces. Never in my life have I been without a dog.) But I have 11 and 13 year old dogs?
RN: There are things you can do to lessen their impact on her health...I don't ever tell people they HAVE to get rid of their pets...but she is clearly allergic...the shots will help...(her back looked like this - I was taking pics so Brent could see - not great quality, but the idea is there):

a couple of minutes goes by. Nurse is still in the room discussing a few early allergy reactions.

RN: We're going to have to stop now.
Me: That was fast...I thought she had to sit for at least 20 minutes?
RN: well, she's reacted to almost everything. Some of the areas are about to grow outside the lines I drew. So we can stop here. 8 minutes.

Mary Louise: Mommy? I thought you were going to paint my nails?

and that's pretty much what happened. I'll go on Monday morning to discuss a plan of action with the pediatrician. Mary Louise and I go to her ENT on Tuesday to recheck her adenoids.

Momma = tired.


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  1. I've been (silently) following your blog for a long time, and joyfully watching these cuties grow. :.)
    I just wanted to offer my perspective as a LONG time allergy sufferer.
    I too suffered from recurring respiratory illnesses, from rhinitis to pneumonia. Finally diagnosed with asthma at around 5 years old, when I had my first severe attack. (Now I only have problems if I get a chest cold) At about 11 I went to have the scratch tests done. Wow!! That was an itchy day!!! I am allergic to cats, dogs, oranges, dust, and pretty much every indigenous tree and grass, especially ragweed.
    I'm sure there were more, but that was almost 30 years ago. My parents opted to try the allergy shots, on top of removing the carpeting from my room, and a few other nonsensical attempts of controlling my environment.
    As one who endured this, and having seen/felt the outcome, in myself and in others.
    Yes, the shots help.. Some. Yes, keeping your living space as allergen free as possible helps.. Some. BUT it also can hurt. (I'll explain in a moment) More important than anything is keeping the bedroom/sleeping area the most free of allergens. Don't allow pets in, if possible keep the window closed (use an air filter w/allergy rated filters if need be).
    People sometimes panic and make the mistake of completely sanitizing their environment, removing carpet, pulling trees, bushes, getting rid of pets. I'm strongly against this, as it sets the child up for a worse reaction when they DO come in contact with these allergens again. (Of course with the rare exception to those that cause anaphylaxis)
    I am SO thankful that my parents stood their ground and kept our pets. If they hadn't, I would probably never have had the opportunity to have my own as an adult. Or worse yet, go to anyone's house that did. I do however, have to keep my bedroom door shut 24/7 so they do not come into my sleeping area. (We have 2 dogs, & 2 cats).
    I know ML has had some pretty scary and ongoing respiratory issues, but please don't think you have to ever go pet free, or 100% allergen free. My belief is, keep it clean, bathe the pets (don't allow them right up in her face), the bedroom is the "free zone", and by having a daily exposure at home, and possibly the allergy shots, she will be better off. If you go from a completely sterile environment and want to go to visit somewhere else, you are just setting yourself up for misery, aka a severe allergy attack.
    Phew! Got a lot more wordy than I anticipated LOL
    Anyway, that's my 2 cents, from someone who's "been there" good luck. Just wished I'd know about Benadryl cream (if they even had it back then) BEFORE I had the scratch test.