Wednesday, November 7, 2012

and Time Flies...

We are STILL mending from that nasty virus. Mary Louise had a chest xray on Saturday when concerns grew over a persistent cough. The xray was clear, but we have had to remain diligent about breathing treatments and medications. I lost my voice over the weekend and we all have runny noses though things seem to (just barely) be looking up. Though we were still borderline crummy feeling, Everett was Christened this weekend. It has been planned for about 2 months and family was traveling so we went ahead with the festivities.

Though it poured raining just as we were entering the church and I was remiss in getting photos prior to Everett tiring of his booties (the ones my Aunt Polly so graciously crocheted for me when I was a baby) and his bonnet (a stunning antique handkerchief sewn into a sweet head garb by Mere), it was a gorgeous service and a wonderful time.

With his Godparents: Uncle Doug and Aunt Juliette (Everett thought the baptismal font was just about the most amazing thing. ever.)

Our group minus Mommom and David - David was way too wound up for photos and went outside for a quick run:

We had a sweet little reception afterward:

The cake pic was necessary as mindlessly eating one slice of that mess earned me 2 absolutely sleepless nights. Everett is getting more and more sensitive to dairy. Poor bub. I am watching labels and avoiding even trace dairy products now. Hard - but absolutely worth it - he's miserable if I even think about milk, butter or cheese!

I just love this pic:


Halloween went off without a hitch. We went to a trunk or treat at the church after Mary Louise's ballet class.

BOOM~! (skeleton family - it's ok to snicker)
From Drop Box

From Halloween and E's Christening Nov. 2012

It was great fun and though I'm not sure how many more years the whole "let's do glow in the dark skeleton jammies for Halloween!!" is going to fly, it's working now and nothing is easier!

More to come - I'm beyond behind on updates!


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