Thursday, November 15, 2012

Visit with old friends

To continue our St. Francisville trip stories:

McCall and I planned to meet for breakfast the day after her party. But it was voting day - the local drive ins were packed. I gave a quick call and confirmed that it'd be ok for us to barge into McCall's sweet cousin Claire's house once more. She has 4 kiddos and a 20 acre farm. I believe she owns a little piece of heaven...

We arrived to meet everyone sleepy eyed and in jammies. Mary Louise and David instantly found their closest in age playmates and were off. I would normally worry a bit about politeness and formalities - but Claire's presence and personality just put me at ease. No screaming / no blood = no worries. McCall and I visited over coffee and the kids played. The older children took care of the youngers - I was home. I nursed Everett on the sofa while people milled about and Claire reminisced about breast feeding for...what was it? 13 years? Bless her.

We caught up about old friends and new aspirations. I laughed when Claire said she expected me to be much more outspoken (it was our first time meeting face to face though I feel I've known her for decades through McCall). I am - but my approach is typically soft. I got my hard core yelling out (mostly) in my teenage angst years and learned quickly that a soft approach and sweet smile while ripping someone a new one holds much more weight than "going in with guns a blazing".

After a time, I looked around - and outside - as just out the rear windows was the most amazing play set...ever...and David was no where to be found. After taking a quick kid inventory, I realized that Mary Louise was playing "Mommy and Baby" in a room with Claire's daughter and Claire's youngest and my David were missing. I went outside - knowing that the last place I'd seen the boys was on the play set.

****an aside. Claire and hubby installed an actual water fountain by the play set. Can I tell you how very cool I think that is...sooooo cool.

After a bit of searching, I heard some maniacal laughing. I spied and small shed in the direction of the giggles and went to investigate thinking the whole time, I would be panicking if I were anywhere but here...but here, I know that the mischief most likely doesn't involve strangers or cars...and can therefore be fixed. My gosh. That is a wonderful feeling. I rounded the corner. David and precious friend were sitting atop a humongous 4 wheeler. David informed me that it most definitely needed batteries as they'd tried to "turn it on" but it wasn't working. I noticed the basset hound licking the ground and must have looked a bit shocked. Both boys burst out with hysterical laughter.

"We fo EGGS!" they hollered - still laughing wonderful belly laughs.

The dog was eating at least 15 raw eggs that had been hard laid by the chickens. I saw quarters - I pay over $4 per dozen for those things at the local farmers' market! (totally worth it by the way - nothing better than an egg from a happy, organically fed chicken). I was both in love and embarrassed at the same time. David looked happy. Really happy. Genuinely, glowingly happy. But I knew I had to do the walk of shame and tell Claire that her gorgeous eggs were smashed against the wall of her 4 wheeler shed.

I left the boys to play - there were no more eggs to throw anyhow. I walked in and told Claire who told me, "Heather, I get about 42 eggs a day anyhow - worse things have happened here. It's ok - really."

Home I tell you.

We played, talked and giggled a bit longer before heading out. The kids fell asleep before I even got out of the driveway...

We drove about 20 minutes to Nanny Pan's Momma's house. I hadn't seen Ms. Debbie in 4 years so I pushed it with the kids to say a quick hello before really getting on the road.

It went as well as the kids could manage. I got a quick visit in with Ms. Debbie and we got on the road again headed for home.

That's the catch up for the outing...we've been super busy with fun projects this week!! Love salt dough ornaments!!



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