Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our New Friends:

We have.......

Box Turtles!!!

Mary Louise and David chose their very own box turtles from my cousin Mary's clan a couple of weeks ago. They were so SO very thrilled!! They have done very well with it too - not touching the turtles without supervision, washing hands when done, making sure the little ones have a variety of food choices, clean water, etc.

But the temperature dropped about 2 days after we got them home. Pecan (Mary Louise named her 3 year old turtle pecan) seems to have gone into hibernation already. Though Tank (David's smaller, 1 year old) took a little longer, he / she picked at the food a few times before digging down and burying completely. We'll see them again in a few months I suppose. So far, so good!!

(Obviously, I meant to do this post a while ago - but then life happened - and I enjoyed it without happens.)

Welcome to the family sleepy little Pecan and Tank!

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  1. I've spent the last week or so reading through your blog. Thank you for sharing your story. Your family is beautiful. Best wishes to all of you.