Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Getaway

We took off at the end of last week to Mere and Pops' house. I treated it like a little vacation - left the blogging alone for a bit - and just enjoyed family time.

David has been having horrible night terrors for awhile now. Brent typically sleeps in Mary Louise and David's room at some point during every night so that I can tend to Everett's night nursing. In short, we're tired - and hoping David can get some good rest soon.

Mary Louise is as feisty and sassy as ever. She is doing well with potty training - and I dare say - she is completely done with diapers during the day. She wakes dry probably around 60% of the time and occasionally gets up during the night for a bathroom trip - but is by no means consistent - and I'm not inclined to set an alarm to get her up at this point. This evening, she didn't want the avocado she asked for - so she just dumped it on a throw rug and proceeded to walk on it. I calmly told her she was done with dinner and put her in the bath tub. After she calmed, we talked about the incident and she said she understood that it "was not nice" to smash food (or drop food for that matter) on the floor. She chose something else to eat and went to bed enlightened and happy (I hope).

This morning was rough. We had our music and movement class. Mary Louise and David are both getting very comfortable with the setting and therefore taking over the room immediately upon arriving. Couple that with a grumpy David and it's just no good waiting to happen. He tackled Mary Louise during one exercise and dragged her down by her shirt during another. Then stole a little girl's book when she had her head turned and yelled, "dis is MINE!!" while waiving it in the air. After I talked to him, and he agreed to "bein' have", he turned and took his shoe off and started beating Mary Louise in the head with it. (at least it was a Croc and therefore made of foam...)

Anyhow, life was exciting - in an embarrassing and exhausting sort of way. Thanks for keepin' Mom humble kids...but I didn't think for a second I had "it all" figured out so I'm pretty sure the little reminder was unnecessary.

Believe it or not, Everett falls asleep - or tries to - during every class! (I keep him with me in my Ergo carrier).

We had a wonderful weekend in MS (even though it now takes us just over 6 hours to drive a distance that used to take 4). Mary Louise and David played and played - and played on the back porch and in the yard.

They've both become pretty proficient at kicking a ball around.

We got to see a few family friends.

We walked downtown for a bit as "Cruisin' the Coast" was happening. The classic cars were beautiful. The LeBlanc kid personalities were not. We left and went to lunch at a local dive.

*****Mary Louise and David FINALLY eat decent meals most of the time. (can I get an AMEN for that?)

Here's to great visits with family (and a little time away from most of technology).

Favorite moments:

David at lunch - suddenly announces, "I'm getting a yittle bit tired guys!" (and he was - he subsequently dosed a bit while trying to chew!)

Mary Louise not only overcame her fear of horses - but actually rode Pops' horse a bit!

Watching Mary Louise and David explore with magnifying glasses - they were so excited to tell me about the leaves, the flowers, the anything they saw - just a little bit closer.

Watching David play with his dad's old toys. LOVE.

Seeing Mary Louise dance in the grass - with wings...

Seeing David proudly wear his little cowboy hat and swagger out to help Pops with his horse "Wi-wee" (Wiley).

Everett was introduced to Wiley as well - amazing to watch his wheels turn:


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