Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Day's accomplishments by Everett and David:

Most of us are feeling better - Mary Louise is trailing behind as is her typical - she developed a cough today. Breathing treatments are helping as much as they can and I'm hoping we can make it through this without another pedi visit complete with antibiotics (and possibly another illness - now I'm really gun shy). 

Everett has been grabbing at our plates and glasses for awhile now and after some thought, Brent and I set him up this afternoon with a mashed avocado on his high chair tray. He thought it was just about the most fantastic invitation. Ever. 

We've opted to employ the old "food before one is just for fun" mantra and let Everett just play and explore however he likes...novel idea I know (kidding). He smushed the green around awhile...

before finally getting a little taste of the goods:

and thought they were, well, ok:
Possibly even yummy!

He seemed to love the experience - which means we'll try it again soon. 

(We're not starting baby food and have chosen to skip cereal - but the occasional soft / mashed fruit or veggie is a fun treat!)


David did something fantastically amazing today!!:

(he usually does this little wiggly celebration when he accomplishes something like that - but the camera in his face threw him off his game! - my shy boy)

He's been able to count to 20 pretty well for awhile now - but he's a little inconsistent. This was different because he's learning to identify the numbers. We've been working with this puzzle for a few minutes every day to every other day (he doesn't really enjoy puzzles or drawing sheets or the like so I have to catch him in the right mood - so most of the time, we count items - without the actual numbers nearby). Anyhow, he got it today! Way to go David!! So proud of you!! You can do anything!



  1. Hey, just a quick comment, Everette's amber is too long. He shouldn't be able to put it in his mouth. It should fit under his chin. Where the connection beads are, tie a knot like to loop a few beads out so its shorter.
    Love reading yalls adventures :)