Saturday, October 6, 2012


*******Brent: Everett my peanut butter! I love you!!
ML: Daddy! Everett not a peanut butter! He's a baby!
Brent: He's my peanut butter! My little peanut butter man!
ML: Daddy! He's my baby! He's not a sandwich! He's an Everett Daddy! You stop!
(and that is our Meese-y pie these days - full throttle with the preschooler sass and smarts!)

We attended the (sort of ) annual NICU reunion today. It was, in a word, surreal. Honestly, our family has been through ridiculous heart ache, stress, and triumph behind the walls of that hospital and here we were, celebrating with the very medical staff that made our children possible. Amazing.

Everett was asleep when we got there and Mary Louise and David were a little out of sorts with all of the activity going on...

But they quickly got over their qualms (and Everett woke up with a smile) and participated in sliding, throwing, popcorn eating and socializing.

(yes, I did)

We had a good time - and even made the 6pm news with an all too awkward interview about "life in the NICU and beyond". Thankfully, my reaction to a (stupid) question was cut: How was it being in the NICU? Me: horrible. I was honest - but I'm pretty sure the guy was expecting the "roller coaster" analogy. (for the record, I was up for a number of hours last night with E and Brent was up with Mary Louise and David. The fact that we had pants on was a good thing this morning.

We also showed at our neighbor's birthday party this afternoon. We were pushing things as far as the baby sense of humor goes...but it was great fun while we could enjoy it. Classic birthdays are the best. Though we only lasted just over an hour before seeing total LeBlanc meltdown on the horizon, the kids were able to partake in a few games and cake.

One of my most favorite photos - ever:

Intent on listening to the rules of a game:

Precious birthday boys:


We spent the remainder of the evening drawing on the patio and having an uber fun bath with bubbles and roll on know, between the inevitable tantrums that just come with a day of (too much) fun.


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  1. Mary Louise reminds me of your mother! Beautiful children and beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!!!!