Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playing at home (as requested - pics and vids)

Mary Louise and David are BEGGING to go to the park this morning. I would certainly oblige but for a rather ominous looking grey sky ahead. We usually walk to the park - and I'm really really slow these days - and I'd rather not be blocks from home shoving a double running buggy along with my recently acquired pregnancy waddle as the power behind the machine.

Nonetheless, Mary Louise insisted on getting dressed (in pink of course) "just in case" the sky clears and we can make our way down the walk. David, on the other hand, opted for a "jammy" morning...but he did eventually allow hair combing.

My diversionary efforts have included (but are not limited to):
Helping me hang diapers on the line by handing me clips and the next wet piece - even on overcast days, there still exists the anti-stink / anti-bacterial property of line drying - I try to never miss a day of opportunity.

Dancing in the kitchen: (Mary Louise has pretty fancy feet - and I'm not referencing her snazzy shoes either!)

Counting and "cooking" which David MUCH prefers over that dancing foolishness:

Ok - for those that panic over food on the floor and consuming said food. I don't really (I usually make some sort of comment, but otherwise, it's a non-event in my day- I've got other things to worry about - like crowd surfing attempts off the back of the sofa...P.S. we don't have a crowd here...). That is all.

Reading books.

"Cleaning" messes: (Mary Louise and David have favorite toys they use as "tiny bacuums" to clean a crumb mess on the floor - Mary Louise consistently chooses the weed eater while David actually chooses the toy vacuum. They love to follow me while I use the cordless sweeper - which, I might add, is the sole reason our house does not look like a compost pile - I use that thing at least 3 times a day!)

From children's museum and home March 2012

David cooking:
From children's museum and home March 2012

A few new favorites:
David in his (uhem) "hiding place" at the park:
From children's museum and home March 2012

Pretty in Pink:
From children's museum and home March 2012

Steering the shrimp boat at the Children's Museum:
From children's museum and home March 2012

Serious business:
From children's museum and home March 2012

Happy birthday Mere!!! (and no, David did NOT stick his fork in the side of the cake instead of accepting the piece Mere gave him)
From children's museum and home March 2012

The album:
children's museum and home March 2012

An older album / photo dump: (it's a total mish mash of fun but it's quite lengthy)
January 2012

I hope this quells the cravings for a bit Nanny Zoo!!

(and uhh- 30 weeks 4 days. yeah. YEAH!!)


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