Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jel-dy on ma Bel-dy

We went for our weekly ultrasound today. Again, little one didn't cooperate with the crowd pleasing photo shots so no print outs!

Mary Louise and David tagged along as Brent was getting home a bit late and our neighbor that usually watches them was out of town. I began trying to prepare the kids for the appointment this morning - way too early...

As it turns out, they couldn't care less about seeing the "baby in Mommy's belly". Primarily, they only cared about 1 thing - whether or not this "docca" would do anything at all to them.

I tried to divert their concerns (after answering their questions about a dozen times) with stories, "we're going to see your baby brother or sister today!!", by looking at previous ultrasound pictures and talking about them. They seemed interested...then reverted...

ML: no my yike jel-dy on ma bel-dy Momma? no my have jeldy on ma beldy? (jelly on my belly)
D: my sit in da bench? not da chair Mommy! not da chair! my dus watch? (apparently, to David, spectators sit on benches while patients sit on a chair)
ML: no docca bodder me? my dus watch Mommy? (the doctor won't bother me?)

They continued like that all day. All the way to the doctor. In the waiting room. In the ultrasound room. They didn't stop. Repeating over and over and over...

But, they were so good!

Afterward, Mary Louise said, "dey dus put a yittle jel-dy on da bel-dy. See Momma baby in her tummy! My be a bit brudda Mommy?" (they just put a little jelly on the belly. Can I be a big brother?)

I've explained a number of times that she will be a big sister and David will be a big brother. But, she insists that she wants to be a big brother - "no sissa!" ha. Whatever works kiddo!

It really was alot of fun to have them with me and see their reactions. They were just fascinated with the screen.

The baby is doing very well - practicing breathing, kicking, fluid level is very good. The estimated weight (again, this week, it's just an estimate - not based on measurements) is 5 pounds 4 ounces. Next week, we'll get a more accurate weight but right now, the baby should be gaining about 1 ounce per day. The placenta remains healthy (premature aging of the placenta is a sign of pre-eclampsia). The heart rate was 139 - which was the lowest reading yet, but I was assured it was well within normal limits. The baby was, for once, resting during the ultrasound (go figure ha).

The position is still head down - a little lower than last week but not concerning. The back and rump are curved around my left side with the major kicks and jabs on my right.

I'm still feeling well but getting notably slower (sigh). My blood pressure is still stable.

33 weeks 3 days!!



  1. So cute! I love "jel-dy on da bely-dy". I laughed so much reading this. Your kids sound so adorable. By the way, my twins are frightened of the doctor too. They scream and cling to me any time we are in a doctor's office even if it's not for them. Loved reading about your precious kiddos and glad to hear the baby is already over 5 lbs. Great news!

  2. Sam was 33 weeks and 4 days, and 5 lbs, 10 oz, so your measurement sounds about right (although he was big for gestation). I can't believe you are getting so close! I saw my week old nephew yesterday for the first tiny - even after having preemies, you forget just how little they are. Enjoy your last few weeks as a family of four!!