Thursday, March 22, 2012

32 weeks 3 days!!!

Brent and I went to see my regular OB and have (yet another) ultrasound this afternoon - and the results were just breathtaking...

Approximately 4 pounds 13 ounces. Our baby has CHEEKS!! bright full cheeks. Definitely Brent's nose. Right on target. Lungs developing beautifully and still practicing breathing. For such a brief moment, we got to see our little one playing with his / her hands, kicking, turning. Beautiful.

My fundus is about 33 cm. Right on target. The baby measures from 53rd to 57th percentile consistently. The ultrasounds, when done so frequently, are considered more reliable (as far as growth) than ones done sporadically.

Things are going really well. I will see the doctor in 2 more weeks. Weekly ultrasounds are to be continued. After another 2 week check, I will start to see the doctor weekly. At 35 weeks, my daily Asprin is to be stopped, at 36 weeks, I'll stop my weekly progesterone injections and start to have cervical checks during appointments to check for dilation and effacement (oh, be still my heart! as many times as my cervix has been checked, that must be some sort of iron clad muscle...ok, that may be a bit too much...).

My blood pressure remains steady. Take that hot mess in for a minute.

I am to do twice daily "kick counts" which consist of counting baby movements during 1 hour time spans. Lowest normal would be 10 kicks per hour.

Sweet Meese started Wednesday with a runny nose...and I jumped into administering breathing treatments like nobody's business. This morning (Thursday) she's congested, but assures me, "it dus a wun-dy nose Momma. No my go to da Docca." I'm really hoping she's right. No fever, and her cough is pretty dry. Just an ugly runny nose. We did do a treatment around 2:30 or 3am last night though as well as one yesterday morning with steroids and one Xopenex prior to bedtime. Her appetite is considerably down- even with the steroids, and she's extremely whiny. But otherwise, she's playing, begging to paint, running around and riding her tricycle as usual. The horrible weather we've had the past few days looks as if it's clearing so I'm hoping we'll be able to sneak in short spurts of outside time which typically helps us ALL to feel better.

David is doing well - no runny nose yet! and is eating like a champ. We'll see how the next few days go...His home therapist cancelled their session again today as she wasn't feeling well. She can come after their birthday for make up sessions - so far, we have 2 to make up. Otherwise, we'll be done with her and entering the school system depending on their availability for therapy. But again, whatever they offer, it will only be during the school year so we would only have a few sessions this spring before school lets out for the summer. He has very recently picked up Mary Louise's "now" habit. For example, if he wants to do something, the request consists of saying, "My do (xyz) NOW Mommy!" I feel like I tolerate quite alot from these 2...the smashing of food on any and all hard and soft surfaces, the 9001 messes per day, constantly watching that they stay away from electrical outlets (when the heck does that fascination let up?!), climbing cabinetry, waking anywhere from 2 to 4 times per night...each, playing with the door knobs so much that they've actually pulled 2 completely off the doors, drawing on the walls, moving furniture and let us not forget the Desitin fiasco and flour in the shoes incident- gads, that was a pain. But the NOW thing, it really makes me put on my brakes for some reason. I would predict a number of rough days ahead to break them of this latest habit. David and I had a 20 minute stand off the other day. I remember 5 minutes feeling like an absolute eternity as a young child. He lasted 20 before he said, "please" instead of "now". But, he said it - and he's done a bit better in a bit shorter time span ever since.

Learning, testing, remembering, balancing - such is the life of Mom and toddler...and eating - Mary Louise is asking to eat so I'd better get to fixin' before she changes her mind!


I was going to include some ultrasound photos. I hope to add them later but Brent has to re-scan them to be compatible with this format. We've actually had an awfully rough day with David throwing multiple tantrums, Mary Louise not feeling well and me feeling totally exhausted from last night's fun - alternately waking up every couple of hours, giving a breathing treatment, rain, wind, blah. This evening, I made friendly with Poison Control as, in our tired stupor, Brent and I EACH gave Mary Louise a dose of OTC decongestant. It was ok - kept her up a bit, but not an still got my heart going a bit though...I need to decompress...tomorrow. will. be. better.

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