Wednesday, March 7, 2012

30 weeks 3 days!!

Mary Louise woke up bright and early at 5:30 requesting, "bwek-fist peeese!" I reluctantly got out of bed and we fumbled down the stairs - trying hard (unsuccessfully) not to disturb "the boys". They stirred and went back to sleep and Mary Louise and I began morning duties: laundry, dogs, cat, dishes, diapers, and of course "bwek-fist!!"

Mid way through her Tiger Milk Bar, Mary Louise looked up at me and asked, "Mommy? My go to gwo-see today?"
"What do you want at the grocery?" I asked in return.
"Uhhh. was-brees, staw-brees, and hummus! peeese!"
How could I deny her sweet rosy cheeks and big blue eyes??

David was up shortly afterward and Brent was off to work not long after that.

Mary Louise continued to ask for her groceries so we all got dressed (ok, we needed a few things anyhow) and had a really funny ride to the store. All the way there, Mary Louise asked to stop at the park. To antagonize her, David kept yelling, "no park!" But when I looked in the rear view mirror, he was grinning while yelling. Mary Louise, on the other hand, was not so amused.

We arrived at the store, I gave the "you MUST stay in the buggy" lecture, and got the affirmative nods after a few "no's". We found that there were new buggies there! One pink car, one yellow taxi and one police car sat in the cart bay - Mary Louise and David were beyond excited...but they had to agree on a cart to ride.

Of course Mary Louise wanted the pink one - after all, she was wearing her pink butterfly top, pink sandals, and pink hair accessories as she'd chosen while getting dressed. I mean, what else would she ride in but the cart that matched her fancies.

Of course David pumped his brakes at the mention of a pink grocery chariot.

After some discussion, they settled into the police car...and Mary Louise spun the steering wheel on her side eagerly the ENTIRE way through the store yelling, "beep beep get outta ma way!!" David thought she was nothing short of hysterical. (I can't say I disagreed).

Once home, we unloaded, kids played outside and we had a bit of lunch before making our way out once more for playtime at a neighbor's and my doctor's appointment:

My doctor was so positive about my current state. He said, "I have no concerns at this time and think you're progressing beautifully and right on target." I almost asked him if he could repeat himself so I could record what he was saying.

My fundus is measuring at exactly 30 weeks. As we did end up doing an ultrasound (I can't seem to leave without one!), I got to see our little one, listen to the heartbeat (rate of 150), hear measurements (3 pounds 11 ounces!! and the 57th percentile) and watch shenanigans - yawning, swallowing, flipping and kicking. The baby is in a head down position - and will likely stay there throughout. Head is to the lower left side, with legs and rear end to the upper right. He / she is starting to get into the classic fetal position. I saw the umbilical cord floating behind the baby - it looked like bubbles. Amazing.

Though the baby is big, the growth curb he/ she is following is constant - perfect arch. So, no concerns. Measurements are consistent with a baby about 2 weeks older in gestation which is also fine.

We discussed delivery a little. I muster up the nerve to ask a few more questions each time I see the doctor - I never had such luxury before - worrying over the tiny things, things that matter - but pale in a NICU / preemie delivery.

I'll see the doctor again in 2 weeks but begin weekly biophysical profile (ultrasounds) next week. I will continue progesterone shots through week 36 and discontinue Asprin therapy at week 35. It's surreal to think such topics are now on the discussion far so good!! (so excited!)