Monday, June 20, 2011

What we've been up to...

Mere and Pops came for a visit...
June 3-5, 2011

As did Nanny Zoo (we've tweaked her "name" a little), Uncle Colly, AND we had a quick visit with Nanny Pan and Mike at Mommom's house!! Phew! We've had a busy busy couple of weeks!!

Brent is doing well with work - traveling tons but budgeting time and getting into a little bit of a routine.

We've had a really wonderful time with family and are gearing up for some HUGE doses of extended family over the next month or so. (EXCITED!!!)

I have had a number of opportunities to assist other mothers in their plights to successfully pump for their little ones. I can only share my experiences, and am no expert...but am diligent, and honest and feel I have something to offer (and happily give freely) on this topic. In consequence, my blogging has suffered. (frowny face). I'll get back to it - but feel this is an area that demands some attention right now. If I can help one mom to get that "good stuff" to her baby just a little longer, it's well worth it!! It's amazing the amount of misinformation - or total lack of information - existing and even bombarding women out there - and much of it is from the medical community in spite of extensive and involved publications on the issue. Having said that, the sometimes over - inflated expectations of breastmilk are perhaps equally as amazing. I could go on...I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my story (pumping, NICU and parenting)and relish the idea that someone might benefit from any of it (even if it's just a good laugh...or a commiserating vent).

Back to our current activities...
We've been practicing ZUMBA (just like Mommom!) (I would like to direct your attention to "the Diva's" shoes - which are in fact David's shoes...which she has insisted on wearing for 2 full days now.):

We are at an absolute standstill with (pre) potty training (because let's not kid ourselves, the horizon of actual potty training is no. where. in. sight. and Mary Louise and David are proudly sporting size 4 diapers now!):

Other than that, yet another non-sleeping phase has begun. I am, under no circumstances, allowed to leave the room of Mary Louise and David. Seriously, Brent has made every attempt to give me a break on this, but Mary Louise (moreso than David) seems to have taken a turn toward "Mommy's girl" and is giving the concept a determined go. She has quite literally slept on my chest, kicked me in the boobs (this fact only made more awesome after all those gals have gone through over the past 2 years), kicked me in the face (yes, face) and sometimes slapped me with her froggie in the mouth (P.S. she too has decided that she cannot sleep without one...after 2 years of not caring) for about a week now. David, though he was sleeping sound at first, has had a rough couple of nights...

The consolation to all of this (well, sort of consolation) is that I've learned after over 2 years of this that a year of baby time is about like 5 to 10 minutes of adult time. Honestly, it feels that fast. At the absolute tippy top of my frustrations, a year may slow to feel like a week or so (is this making sense??) but otherwise zooms by so very quickly that I fear if I didn't have it written and recorded somewhere, I could effectively swear it didn't happen at all. In short, this too shall pass - faster than the speed of light. So, in my heart of hearts, I'm exhausted, but absolutely LOVING the snuggle time.

Upcoming event: our first visit to the pediatric dentist. Heaven help us all...


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