Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cavity Free!!!!

Can you even believe it?! We've avoided a cavity for 26 months!!

Mary Louise, David, Mommom and I made our way to the Dental Depot yesterday afternoon. It was amazing. The office is filled with artwork, and electric trains, tons of toys, and is just a happy place in general. We were able to play for awhile and get the babies comfortable, then were called to "the back" where Mom(mom) and I sat in the dental chairs while holding Mary Louise and David on our laps. David began to fuss, opened his mouth to yell, the Dr. took a very quick look-see inside and announced his teeth were beautiful, NO CAVITIES!! and he has 16 in so far so we should expect 4 more (molars) over the next year to a year and a half.

Mary Louise was a little more upset about the whole thing - but the doctor was just as efficient and made a similar announcement for her - with the exception of a (very) light staining line on her front tooth secondary to her prematurity. She was fine post exam - and even leaned in to give the doc lovies on the cheek before leaving.

In short, he (the dentist) is not only unconcerned with Mary Louise and David's dental health at this time, he is excited that Brent and I have obviously been so diligent about cleaning their teeth. I have been so very worried about this last area of health - preemies, and especially micro preemies who have been exposed to weeks of TPN (total parenteral nutrition) as well as other medications known to wreak havoc on developing teeth and enamel, have a host of considerations to monitor in dentistry.

The dentist even thanked me for being so aware and diligent about their oral hygiene. (umm - ok, the words "kooky" and "slightly crazy" may have been used - but in a good way)

I'm so very thrilled!!! Next check up in 6 months. (and a HUGE thank you to Mommom for making the trip to help me there, and with a few things around the house this week!)


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