Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Our vegetable and herb gardens have taken off despite the rather devastating drought around here. We have been able to harvest many Japanese Eggplants and there are lots of tomatoes ripening on the vines. We are still waiting on the bell peppers and cucumbers, but the flowers are promising.

The babies have enjoyed it all - and are beginning to pick up with their eating once more. They LOVE Brent's eggplant medallions - lightly fried with a homemade bread crumb crust.

For Memorial day, we cooked a large pot of good old jambalaya and corn maque choux all from scratch using fresh veggies and herbs (from our garden when possible) and local meats. I never thought I'd get past the first taste with Mary Louise and David - who BEGGED for a little bite...3 bowls EACH later...I was very pleasantly surprised...

But they didn't stop there! Happy with their new found food freedom, they have requested a whole tomato (thanks to Nanny Zoo for bringing some GORGEOUS heirlooms over during her weekend visit!!)...

and also, have sampled loads of other treats and eats. (fresh berries, salads - all parts, hummus, crackers, cucumbers are a current favorite, and of course Mary Louise's beloved "cado" - avocado)- all in the past few days alone.

We are so very proud of our little guys for their open minds and use of autonomy with their eating. It's frustrating at times, but in the long run, they have well shown us that they know what is best for their bodies. Way to go (and grow) guys!! Let the yummy eating continue!

Washing down their snacks with a bit of organic apple juice - THANK YOU for making toddler sized juice boxes!! (note the diva's fashion statement of the day...socks and sandals...I'll blame that faux pas on Daddy! ha!)


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