Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Mary Louise and David have been making more and more progress with their expressive speech. Favorites this week (in no particular order) include (but certainly are not limited to)...

"zizshi" - Lizzie
"ow-tide" - outside
"tester" - Chester
"dada" - Daddy
"baba" - bottle
"bowl" - bowl
"dog" - dog
"cack" - cat
"Pop" - Pop
"Mommom" - Mommom
"Momma" - Mom
"Kyle" - Kyle
"uh dat" - What's that
"ball" - ball
"More" - more
"cado" - avocado
"hot" - hot

We work hard every day to add expressive words to their vocabulary. Regardless, they certainly pick up all that happens around them - and regularly surprise me...

While cooking dinner this evening, Mary Louise and David started talking up a storm...

We went to the local gymnastics place to try out a toddler Karate class this afternoon. You read right - Karate. Now let me explain...

I went last week to ask about toddler gym classes over the summer. They didn't have any options - I'm limited in classes as I'm one mom, with 2 toddlers, so the "mom and me" type classes are kind of out for us unless the instructor can take a baby all class - the offer has not been made available as of yet.

While there for the inquiry, I met the Karate instructor who told me he was just trying out a simple class for younger children - no sparring, no contact (I was assured - after multiple eye surgeries, the LAST thing I need is for Mary Louise or David to get knocked in the noggin thereby increasing their very real risk of retinal detachment). The classes were about hand eye coordination and balance. The enrollment was very low (uhem - 1) and I was allowed to try it out for free.

What did we have to loose??

In short, I'm quite sure David just isn't ready for the class atmosphere and structure. He wasn't just glued in utter panic to my chest but refused to even face forward for more than half of the time we were there. Once forward, he wanted NO part of communicating with the teacher directly. Mary Louise warmed to the idea with a little time - and would likely do well with a few lessons...but is still a bit immature for the whole thing. We'll try again in 6 months or so - maybe the fall when they start gym classes again.


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