Saturday, July 27, 2013

Special days indeed

Special days take 4 have come and gone...well, we're still on David's currently but, you know, it is after 9pm. We celebrate Mary Louise and David's homecoming by allowing them whatever they wish on their anniversaries.

Mary Louise asked for a "Mommy - Meesey Day". Since she's been begging to have her nails painted, I took her to a salon. It didn't work out, however - she burst into tears and begged to leave as soon as we walked in the door. We went back to the car and she asked if we could go shopping (no, I'm not kidding). I asked where: The Mall. I asked what we were looking for: shoes, I dus want to try some shoes.

Umm. Ok. Mary Louise, I'm going to need to you go ahead and be slightly more girly. bahahaha.

We walked The Mall, talked and tried on shoes. I catered to her every whim and actually allowed her to ride on the little quarter (now 50 cent) rides, and eat ice cream. She literally tried on shoes at 5 different stores, putting each pair back in its box and moving on to the next - never asking for anything...until...she saw these little gems:

(yes, she spent the whole day in that leo and tutu.)
Bless her sweet heart, she insisted that David needed the red one. She was so proud when we got home and she presented him with his special gift.

They have begged everyday to play with those umbrellas.

My baby girl. 4 years home. Our beautiful miracle.
David's special day was today. It coincides with my dad's birthday. We woke up, had breakfast and offered to take David to see a movie he's been asking about since he saw a short preview a few weeks ago: Turbo.

Brent and I talked ahead of time: if the kids could not handle movie theater etiquette, we would simply leave and have a wonderful day together doing something else. Attempting this with 3 kids 4 and under would be a bold move for us.

It worked far better than we ever could have hoped. Mary Louise and David did get a bit restless about half an hour before the ending - but just needed to move around a bit. Everett nursed a little then fell asleep and snuggled into my shoulder for the entire show.

The movie was so sweet as well. The underdog wins - BIG. Being different is so much more than ok - it's celebrated and encouraged. Brent and I grinning ear to ear over the soft downy heads of our babes - teary eyed with happiness. Listening to David and Mary Louise giggle and describe what they saw on that HUGE screen. Everett breathing deeply on my chest. Oh my heart was and is just so full.

Ya'll. We went to the movies with kids for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! How normal!!!

But the day had just begun. We left, stopped at home for a quick change, and were off to the university for some swimming.

I went last week to join there as Brent and I have signed up for a triathlon in a few more weeks. We'll be doing a relay: I am swimming and running and Brent is biking. Back to David's day...

We had the whole pool to ourselves! Mary Louise and David are gaining confidence quickly around water, can kick very well, float on their backs and put faces in while moving their arms. Everett is amazing as well - overcoming apprehension very quickly and attempting to copy anything and everything "the big kids" do.

On the way home, we asked David what he'd like for supper: noodles. (we occasionally get Chinese take out but this time, he wanted to eat there)

A family dinner around bed time - in public- could have been a complete disaster...but it wasn't. In fact, on our way out, 3 people commented about our well behaved children saying they barely noticed we were there at all!!

David was so proud. "Thank you for my special Day Mom! Wub you Daddy! Thank you!" big kisses and plenty of hugs sent our tired little superman off to bed.

Special days indeed.


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  1. Oh, Mary Louise, wanting to go to The Mall and try on shoes!!! That's my girl!