Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sometimes we go a-visiting

We skipped town for about 10 days of visiting friends. Yep. We have friends... and they are, well, fabulous.

I've often said that I'm a passive flake: I don't answer my phone that often, I have been known to avoid social events just because I'm tired and I'm really just fine by myself. I'm a rather natural homebody and with computer access, I can literally get all of the social interaction I need just by answering email. The friends I've kept through the years are so much more than simple acquaintances or a few phone calls. They are family in every societal sense. These are people I can see after years of no contact, say nothing, and they know just by a smirk or slant of my eyes what I'm thinking.

We stayed a week with Nanny Pan (Amanda). My family has known hers for decades. She and I (apparently) met at the ripe old age of 2. She has been by my side through every. single. major event in my life. Every. one. (and most of the minor ones to be honest).

Oh the months I've been waiting to meet this squishy face!:

(sweet Wade - just a few months younger than Everett. So much fun to watch them play!)

A few days into our stay, this precious face appeared: "Miss Alisha"

Little did we know the years of friendship that would result from that fateful day she joined our 4th grade class at St. Matthew's, got seated behind me, and I followed my mother's instructions to, "always be nice and introduce yourself to any new kids".

It was a good week filled with the feel of home and simple fun. We went to the park, the nature center, did a 5K race and just visited - lots.

Just a few favorites:

ha! this is how we do nature centers!

My proud walker!

next in line!

Impromptu family floor time:

First thought when I saw this pic: Yay! David for sticking your tongue all the way out!

Proud Momma:

Love these guys!

and these gals!

Race day/ leaving day (taken during the first mile - no. I don't always look so happy running):

On the way home, we stopped for the night at my friend McCall's house. You can *meet* her yourself: here. Though we were pretty tired, and the kids were wild, we did have a great visit and Mary Louise was in girly girl Heaven with Libby and Hollyn.

10 days gone and many MANY great memories made.


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