Thursday, June 20, 2013

True Stories Thursday

I think we need a day to stop, sit back, and take in all that happens around here. The ironies, the funnies, the sads, the happies. All of it. Realizing that's pretty much the whole blog...I still think we should have a "thing" here to recognize those moments that aren't super mega spectacular in the world news sort of scale - but things I'd want to remember and laugh about later. A celebration of these early years that are a blur now, even as I'm in their midst. I know they are going by way to fast and I'm holding on - hoping some of it stays with me so I can savor the smell and marvel at the fading blooms a little longer...

We came home from the last day of "school" today to find quite the surprise. A man was here working on our windows. Lizzie, our 11 year old Weimaraner, had broken out of her kennel (she's been kennel trained since I was given her at age 4 months and often "puts herself to bed" when we stay up later than what pleases her.). She was running around the house wide eyed and exhausted. She had been quite busy. One would *think* she might have been busy barking at windows with strange men peering in them. No no. In all of her geriatric glory, she broke open a new box of her "Mix ins" food packets. She didn't actually eat any of the food - she is a notoriously picky eater which is why we have those funky things at all. She just broke open the box, shredded the card board and spread the packets around. Fair enough, easy clean up. However, she wasn't quite done with her attempt at stress eating. She broke into a 5 pound bag of organic garbanzo beans sitting on the counter. We eat a ton of hummus - enough to justify ordering garbanzos in bulk from the co-op. Apparently, Lizzie would like in on that action? It looked as if she'd had fun at any rate. After letting her out, she promptly went back into her kennel blankets for a rest. I'm pretty sure busy girl's eyes closed before her rump hit the bed. At least David is very into helping me clean right now.

For the last day of camp, Mary Louise and David got to release butterflies! It was really beautiful and the kids were very respectful of the delicate insects. I love watching them learn. Their enthusiasm is contagious!

To quote their teacher's Facebook status:
You know you've been a good teacher, when on the last day, your kids respond like this:

"Would you come see me, please?" 
"But we can see you from here, would you rather us come walk to you?"

"Mrs. Dru, my vertebrae scratches (itches), would you help me?"

We all had a wonderful time participating over the past 2 weeks. The big kids learned all sorts of wonderful things about the world around them in the company of great friends. Their teacher got to follow a great calling and share her beautiful gift with us. I got a little running time each morning - about 2 hours to be exact. I am hooked again. Monday, I got 7 miles done. Tuesday, I did 7.6 miles in the morning and dragged on to the gym in the afternoon - putting 1 more mile in as well as lots of stretching and abdominal work. I feel wonderful and am hoping I can continue at least some of what I've been working on.

I've learned loads about Mary Louise and David throughout their class time as well. We are staying at home next year. This process (camp) has helped me view their learning from an outsider's perspective. I am excited (and nervous) to facilitate learning together, growing together and playing together. It's what we've been doing all along, but with more of a (concrete) purpose (I think). Ha- clearly, I'm still a bit unsure...

Everett and I are on day 2 of a dairy reaction. He got some of David's eggs last night...said eggs had cheese in them (a very rare treat but one that David thoroughly enjoys when offered about once a week or so). I am happy to report that Everett's reaction is far less severe than it was a year ago. However, the reaction is certainly still there. Boo on this. Mr. Grump Grump is definitely running full force. I can't wait to have my happy little man back. I miss that sweet guy.

So very ready for the weekend!!!!!! We've had our front porch rebuilt and the windows sealed. We have a ton of painting work to do over the summer - but for now, we rest and enjoy the company of Daddy (he'll be home tonight - weeeee!! after almost a decade of marriage...I'm still embarrassingly giddy over our time together...- we've missed our Brent so much this week!!)


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