Thursday, June 13, 2013

True Stories

Last night Brent had a funny smirk on his face as he came down from reading the big kids to sleep. David's prayer for the night included the following:

"Please God, help Mommy to not be very very tired."
"Please god, help Mommy to not be too angry so that I can watch a yittle show on my TV"

Yesterday, I was cleaning downstairs. Mary Louise stopped, looked at me with her hand on her hip and said, "Umm, Mom? Could you please stop all dis queening business uh-cause it's annoying us and it's hurting our ears."

*They are learning about their 5 senses at camp. Don't worry, I thanked the teacher for facilitating that little gem.*

Working together at camp:


Everett saw that the gate was open when we were all upstairs. I went to get him. We made eye contact. He smiled and crab crawled backward toward the top step so fast I thought he'd surely fall. To my surprise, he stopped just short to check his placement with his toes before easing down the first step. That boy is processing his environment and all around him so fast it makes MY head spin. He just sat and giggled on the first step as I carefully bent to grab him tightly snuggle him.

When he was backing up, his faced looked a bit like this:


Everett wore size 18 to 24 month shorts this morning. The waist was big, but his fluffy double stuffed Fuzzi Bunz diaper held them up just fine.

David wore size 24 month shorts this morning. The waist was big, but his Dapper Snappers held them up just fine.

Since Everett nursed and ate beef stew, roasted zucchini and squash for lunch, and David ate rice cakes, crackers and a little hummus for lunch, it is within the realm of possibility that David might actually wear Everett's hand me downs at some point...

Last weekend, we went fishing at the nearby Minnonite catfish ponds. David, in particular, LOVED it (which makes his dear daddy wicked happy).

Mary Louise could take it or leave it

having a great time until that big fish came popping out of the water - which is when she would use Everett as a sort of human shield (he didn't mind):

Everett did a whole lot of this:

(you know, in between protecting his big sister)

and I picked up the slack. This isn't really my "thing" but, I surprised Brent by effectively holding my own and helping David out a couple of times. Photo proof:


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