Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rose Physical Therapy Group

After 4 years of blogging, I've rarely mentioned names or businesses. Though we've had our fair share of odd moments, questionable advice and flat out disagreements at time, we've been incredibly lucky in finding providers and a wonderful support team. Brent and I have worked very hard to tweak care plans, and seek out second, third, and fourth opinions when we see fit.

We may be a little crazy, but it's certainly paid off.

My sweet peas, I would do anything for them, go any distance...

For care, we travel when necessary - and sometimes, it has been. It's rare to find a relatively rural town with every specialist needed for a micro preemie.

Thankfully, we did have a nice therapy facility here when Mary Louise and David needed multiple sessions during the week. Traveling hours on end for that would have simply been next to impossible for us.

So, when parents ask who we turned to here in town, I tell them with a smile. It feels good to be able to recommend a caring, reliable, organized facility that is not only capable, but willing to help navigate lengthy insurance policies.

We researched our only 2 options here knowing our children needed a little boost with their speech...but also, that they may need other therapies in the future.

Though speech ended up being the only thing we needed, physical therapy was a very real possibility for quite some time.

My brother, Damon, married Claire last summer.

Claire is a physical therapist. She was able to watch David's toe walking and posture for a time (on vacation no less) and recommend a pediatric orthopedist in our area (they live in D.C.) who was not only SUPER qualified to offer an opinion on David's development, but his personality just fit with our family. (You may have noticed by now that I rarely "gush" over bedside manner. This guy. was. spot. on. - as in both of the "big kids" LOVED him and Brent and I instantly trusted his opinion and plan of care.)

Enter: massive thank you to Claire for reading us as a family, and David as a fit throwing toddler AND following up with me to make sure I was able to navigate the recommended system with ease.

She has a masters in Special Education with specialties in Early Intervention. Not only is she McKenzie certified, she is the only McKenzie certified physical therapist in the D.C. area.

Congratulations to Claire and Damon for recently taking the plunge and opening their own business!!!:

Rose Physical Therapy Group:

I love their one on one approach to patient care and I wish that I had round the clock access via personal email to our care providers (because if you check her site, Claire gives you her contact information and believes if you are having an issue, it should be addressed now - not later) (ummm remember Mary Louise at Urgent Care and the ER?? because we *couldn't*get in to see her booked or closed pedi? - how about if I could have just called the MD for a round of steroids to keep her from progressing or emailed the already taken chest xray to someone who knows what Mary Louise looks like on a typical day?)

Rose PT has a fabulous facility that will accommodate any need. Their website is wonderfully easy to navigate (and shows a full list of treatments - including aquatic therapy and alleviation of pregnancy related pain!!).

All of this to say that I'm excited such a place exists - even if it's not within our reach geographically, it's offering honest and personal care to others in need.

oh and P.S. - that lengthy insurance policy? yeah. she can and will help you navigate that booger as well.

Very best wishes Damon and Claire!


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