Tuesday, April 16, 2013

David Goes to the Cardiologist

One morning, Mommy, Mary Louise, David and Baby Everett woke with the sun. Mommy had everyone's clothing laid on the pew at the bottom of the stairs and readied each child for the day as they reached the bottom floor of the house.

"Where are we going?" Mary Louise asked excitedly. She was thrilled Mommy had a "beautiful" dress waiting for her. 

"David has an appointment with the cardiologist this morning," answered Mommy.

"What's a batty-yaya-dust," asked David. He looked a little concerned. "Do I have to get a shot?" he added.

"No, no shots today sweet pea," Mommy smiled, "just a few stickers on your chest and a little jelly on your tummy so the doctor can see how your heart is working."

"STICKERS?!" exclaimed David. "I gonna get jelly on my belly dus yike you Mommy when Evie lived in YOUR tummy?" He remembered the times he tagged along with Mommy for ultrasounds while she was pregnant with Everett. Jelly on his belly seemed like a great idea; and stickers were just the needed cherry on top of his special day Sunday!

After a bit of a struggle to clean and dress, Mommy and The Littles set off to the doctor.

David and Mary Louise insisted they wear their super hero capes and masks into the appointment. Mommy obliged. After all, she really did believe they were super heroes and figured looking the part was quite appropriate.

Mommy checked David in at the front desk. She wore Everett in a carrier on her back while Mary Louise stood in pink and purple and David in blue and red satin hero garb just behind her.

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You had ANOTHER baby?!" Exclaimed the receptionist. "Are you crazy?!"

"No, just lucky," smiled Mommy as her little heroes looked on - each peering from behind one of her legs.

The receptionist smiled back and nodded. "This one is ok though right?" she pushed.

"They're all doing very well," answered Mommy in a bit of a flat tone as she encouraged her crew to take seats in the half crowded waiting room.

"I have to go to the bathroom!" Mary Louise whined as soon as they'd sat down.

Mommy sighed as they all stumbled over capes toward the little corner rest room and Everett blindly grabbed for anything - usually Mary Louise's hair.

A nurse called David's name while the bathroom shuffle occurred. Mommy hurried everyone on, checking quickly behind to make sure no hero pieces stood stranded in the wake of LeBlanc Littles.

Once in the back of the clinic, David was placed gently on a table. Blood pressure was taken, changes were made to his chart, a 12 lead EKG was done. David and Mary Louise thought that was just about the most amazing thing ever! (Mommy just thanked her lucky stars they'd changed their minds about all those tests with age.)

They were asked to move to an exam room to wait for the doctor.

Mommy read books and conducted a game of "I Spy" while dancing around with Everett. The doctor walked in with a smile.

"Oh my! Don't you take breaks?" he nodded in Everett's direction.

Mommy sighed again, "yes, 3 years," she said, managing a smile but knowing her mild annoyance was only partially hidden by a feeble smile and exhaustion.

"How's he been doing - growing I see?" The doctor had turned his attention to David. David played with his stethoscope.

A few questions and a quick exam revealed nothing remarkable. It was time for the ultrasound. Everett was getting restless.

The tech was busy so the doctor decided to run the tests himself. Mommy said a silent but heartfelt thank you once more for his speed, accuracy, and wonderful bedside manner with the kids. All awkward comments aside, she knew in her heart that he had saved those beating in the chests of her oldest children.  He was one of many who took time away from his family so that he could give her the gift of hers. For that type of generosity, there were no words.

David behaved beautifully during his ultrasound. He was visibly nervous, but said, "Mommy? I am brave!" while squeezing her hand.

He wouldn't answer any direct questions asked by his doctor, but goodness knows the man tried to befriend the super hero.

Instead, Mary Louise answered eagerly each time a question was asked. The doctor laughed. Mommy smiled.

Mommy and her entourage went back to the exam room to wait for the doctor to review the ultrasound findings.

A few minutes later, the doctor came in with a smile. He brought with him his all too familiar copied drawing of a heart to use as a visual. "He's fine, " he said as he sat down and looked Mommy directly in the eye.

He stopped, became a little more serious, and said, "you know, I remember exactly where they were in the NICU. I know where his bed was. I still see him...so tiny...his heart is perfect. I don't need to see him again."

A smile slowly crept back across his face.

Mommy took in David's results for a moment and repeated them softly, "he's done? discharged?"

"Perfect!" nodded the doctor looking as if he too felt this was a rather profound moment. He marveled at David throwing paper at Mary Louise for a minute longer. All of the kids were very restless and ready to leave. "I'll see their neonatologist today. I'm going to tell him. His heart is perfect. It's amazing."

Mommy couldn't help but beam as she herded her own party of chaos out the door. She snuggled with David in the parking lot for just a few minutes before quickly calling Daddy to share the news..."

"David was discharged! His heart is perfect!!" she squealed into the phone when she got in touch with him.

It was a good day.

*******oh good grief. I started this post way back on the 3rd and lost track of...everything. Done now - and the news is no less exciting!!******



  1. That was a great story, thanks for sharing. My brother just took one of his kids to a Queens cardiologist and he told me that she couldn't have been more good. He's fine though, which is the good news.