Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Everett's 1st Birthday

April 10th, 2012 was truly an uneasy day.  I was due to head out of town that morning and was up around 5am.  Heather was up also with some sharp pains that had her absolutly miserable.  After going back and forth with her for 3 hours, she finally felt bad enough to let me take her to the doctor to get checked.  Before we went to the hospital, I had to go to CVS and get diapers for the big kids and drop them off at a friends house.  Flashers on, we high tailed it to Womens and Childrens Hospital.  The closer we got the louder and more unpleasent Heather became.  I pulled into the Emergency Entrance, ran in and grab a wheel chair.  I rushed Heather upstairs straight to the Labor and Delivery.  Heather, our nurse for the triplets was happy to see us until she realized we weren't there to reminise.  She put Heather in a room and began a check. I ran down stairs to move the car from the emergency exit and ran back upstairs.  As I got to the room, a team of nurses and doctors were wheeling Heather down the hall to the operating room to deliver Everett.  They threw some scrubs at me, and said they would come get me once she was stable.  5 minutes later a nurse came in to tell me I had a little boy.  I was happy that everyone was okay, but still confused as to what happened, and a little upset that I wasn't in on the delivery.   I ran to the NICU, because Heather always said no matter what, stay with the baby.  I sat there with tears in my eyes, looking at this little miracle baby, and worrying how Heather was.  Nurses keep going into the OR to check on her and give me reports.  Everett decided he wanted to be born on April 10th, and ruptured Heather's uterus.  It is truly a miracle that both Everett and Heather are here with us today, and both are doing terrific. Words cannot explain the feelings I had that day, or how happy I am today to be your father.

Everett, you are a JOY to be around.  Your smile warms my heart, and your laugh melts it.  You have a special gift for easing people's minds.  You are just perfect.  Daddy Loves You!  Watching you interact and learn from Mary Louise and David is a pleasure to watch and be part of.  You seem to figure things out very quickly, and learn from watching in a short teaching session.  You will soon be walking all over the house and terrorizing your brother and sister.  I look forward to watching you continue to grow and learn.  You teach me everyday to smile more, be calm, and take more time for family.

Everett, Thank You & HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!!

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