Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Super Field Trip Thursday!

We got up this morning and Mary Louise wanted pancakes...so far this week, we have made bread (in the bread machine), whole grain oat / raisin cookies...and I got a food dehydrator so we made kale chips and put a bunch of grapefruit through the Vita Mix, strained it for juice then dried the peels for grapefruit powder - to be used in bathroom and kitchen cleaning as well as some skin care recipes. Today, I took some of the grapefruit pulp and simmered it with blueberries, added a bit of water and sugar and made a yummy, sweet, tart and slightly bitter pancake topping to go with our pancakes. Mary Louise and David have started to count ingredients, watch closely as we measure together and are much more attentive with the whole cooking process than they were just a few weeks ago. This means tons of fun for me! I LOVE having my short cooking buddies super excited about good foods. Another great plus? Mary Louise and David EAT whatever they help with - because obviously having your hands in the raw ingredients just makes the final product taste that much better. (ok - it does)

After breakfast, we cleaned up, got dressed and loaded the car for a special adventure...to the newest Lake Charles attraction: the Galaxy Bounce House!! We were one of only 3 families there - it's grand opening was on a school day at 11am so all the kiddos were ML and D's age or younger. We went with our friends Mrs. Christi, Benjamin and baby Sophia. It was great fun! Mary Louise and David behaved beautifully. I watched as they climbed up the towering ladders and flew down the enormous inflatable slides. They navigated through blown up mazes, bounced on alley ways and giggled through tunnels. No one was too rough, we were the first customers ever so the entire place smelled like new plastic and much of the time, Mary Louise and David and Benjamin had entire structures to themselves.

(sorry about the angle)

Mary Louise and David jumped for a solid 2 hours before I suggested we go home for lunch. They agreed after one more go down the biggest slide there.

We loaded up again a couple of hours later to attend a monster truck show and tell in the parking lot of a local library. I didn't know how Mary Louise and David would do - obviously, we were pushing things as far as energy, tolerance and stimulation. But, it sounded fun and was worth a try. We pulled into the lot and David said, "hey! dere's a big twuck dere!"

We got out and walked slowly toward the massive beast. There was a man with a pony tail growing out of his chin (look, I don't know what the beard decorated with pony tail holders is called...) standing in front of the truck answering questions.

Mary Louise and David walked cautiously closer:
David: Mommy?
Me: Yes David
D: Das a big truck
Me: Yes Pun-kin it is. Would you like to look closer?
D: Um. No.
ML: Dose are big wheels.
Me: Yes. Bigger than you huh. Can I take your picture next to it?
ML and D: No...hey! Das where we go an yook at our books!!
Me: Yes. It is.
ML and D: Can we go an yook at our books now?? Can we bring some home??? I want to go a weed books now.
Me: (grinning) ok. We'll go and look at books now.

And that was that - all interest was on the books inside the sliding doors...and the toilet beyond those doors...why? because it's like 2 inches off the floor and Mary Louise is absolutely fascinated with "real" toilets that are "just my size". Too bad David wasn't as fascinated. He pooped, we left, end of story. (because stinking up the isles of the library ranks up there with stinking up church m'kay?).

A change of diaper later, we ran into the grocery nearby for a few things. Mary Louise and David LOVE this particular store because of the super fancy car buggies. Throughout the store, our "big kids" slapped the pretend horns, drove like crazy (because I wiggled the cart as they turned and told them they were in charge of driving) and waved to anyone and everyone we passed.

Upon checking out, the cashier looked at them in the cart and Everett in his carrier and said, "GIRL! I know your nerves must be shot!"

I grinned and before I could answer, David yelled, "OK THANK YOU BYE BYE!!! SEE YOU LATER!!" tooting his "horn" and waiving furiously until we got outside.

That would be a pretty typical day around here - not so bad eh?!


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