Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just Living

Oh, it's sad to see how much time has passed without a post and so much on my mind...

We had a wonderful day today. David did very well in his therapy session this morning. He is making great progress globally and we're gearing up for his IEP review next week. Though I'm preparing for things to go a bit less than smoothly, I am hoping for the best and really just wanting us to all keep in mind the end goal - find what is best for David.

After David's teacher left, we mixed and mashed corn starch and liquid dish soap to make play dough. It was a mess - but it smelled great and clean up was super easy. Mary Louise and David brought the remnant left overs outside and played and mixed with water and dirt for a good while before asking for a little break.

We sat for a bit - I actually dozed with Everett on the sofa while Mary Louise and David looked at books or quietly played. I don't remember the last time I was actually able to doze while they played - possibly once or twice while pregnant...anyhow, it was nice.

After our (or my) rest, we packed the car with babies, tricycles and bread and went to the lake front for an afternoon walk/ ride.

It was terribly windy - and Mary Louise thought it was hilarious. David pedaled his little heart out and giggled and grinned the whole way. They both fed the ducks, geese, guls, and pigeons. They both LOVED it. They were happy to go, happy to leave and happy to have a nice hot meal when we got home.

We played "washing machine" during bath time - they took their clothes off and "washed" them in the bath while I washed them. Odd? yes. Funny? definitely. Keeps some slightly over tired kids happy for the home stretch to bed? YES! it's a win - thanks Mommom for coming up with it.

We've been watching our seeds grow over the past 2 weeks. They're really doing well and some are almost ready for transfer. I'll post pictures of the amazing planters Brent made soon - but here are a few of the planting and his little helpers.

And of course this little bug was standing by the whole time:

What a stinker!

Mere and Pops visited over the weekend. We had a lovely, quiet time around the house and enjoyed the company. Everett put on quite a show imitating the "big kids" on the trampoline:

(again, sorry about the angle - double click on the video to see the full screen)

Oh how he wants to join in the fun just like his big brother and sister!


I'll do a separate post with a few more vids from the past week or so...


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