Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mommy and Meese at the Ballet!

Mary Louise and I had a little "Mommy and Meese" date on Sunday afternoon. We went to our local civic center to see the Assemble. It involved local college music and theater professors and students as well as the civic ballet here. It was beautiful and Mary Louise was just fascinated!

It involved live music and various genres of dance - but mostly classical ballet. Mary Louise couldn't wait to imitate what she saw: (as in, she started at intermission)

We then moved to the back of the audience where there was a row with extra space to accommodate wheel chairs. She danced quietly through the entire second half - pausing to take note of new styles to put into her "act". She danced her way out of the auditorium doors where people were flooding the lobby. The performers were having a "meet and greet" there. Mary Louise marched right up to one wearing her (second) favorite costume: a stunning red tutu bedazzled to the max with crystals, and a feather head piece. Mary Louise looked like she wanted to say something - but just stood and stared. She was completely in awe. The girl graciously bent down and allowed Mary Louise to touch every part of her get up - including her hair, her toe shoes (Mary Louise knocked on them to hear the wood), and of course the tutu. Other performers crowded around and allowed Mary Louise to explore the textures, shapes and asks questions about everything. She warmed up just enough to whisper to one of them, "thank you. You yook beautiful and dance pretty."

On the way home:
ML: Mom?
Me: Yes Meesey?
ML: Thank you Mommy. Thank you for my Mommy and Meesey time.
Me: You're very welcome sweet baby. I love you and enjoyed our time.
ML: I wuv you too Mommy.

(tear. Mommy. ugh! that child. I adore her)...

But no LeBlanc experience is complete without a little left of center happenstance. Mary Louise's FAVORITE costume, dancer - the whole she-bang - came out relatively early in the show. There was and out take from Swan Lake. First, the girls in white costumes did a dance - 4, holding hands, tutu's, crystals, feathers - beautiful. Then, a girl wearing a black tutu and head piece, bright red lip stick and lots of sparkles came out for a solo. The only time Mary Louise spoke above a whisper the entire time we were there was when this girl game out:

"I want to be her Mommy! I want to do that!!! I want to be da black girl!!!"

Awesome...I have told them they can do anything. Everyone around us snickered. I instinctively tried to stop her at first, then said, "yes sweet pea - you can be the black girl. Keep practicing and you'll be able to dance just like that and wear a beautiful costume." She beamed. I'm still laughing...

and today, you know that child asked me again if she could be "da black girl".


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