Sunday, December 2, 2012

She's an Angel!

Mary Louise is an angel in this year's Lake Charles Civic Ballet Christmas production. She couldn't be more excited! (truth be known - nor could I) We started rehearsals Saturday - and as if written on her life's schedule, her runny nose and sneezing started today. Things are going well -and I'm maintaining hope that we'll manage through the rest of the rehearsals and this weekend's school and public performances. But the snots are a bit concerning to say the least...

Saturday was sweet Meese's first day in make-up. They are required to be "in full dress" for all rehearsals so I donned a little color on her eyes and cheeks, a little mascara on her ridiculously long lashes, and let baby girl peer in the mirror. The sass? oh my. Brent's reaction? uncomfortable, teary, fussy - he didn't take the "grown up" look (or the extra sass) well at all. David didn't help - he pined mercilessly for the attention begging for "dus a yittle yip stick pweeeeese!?". I gave him a chap stick tube to hold and he was pacified.

What was the fuss about???

good golly.

I adore her.

She loves performing. Today, during rehearsals, she danced between the rows of seats each time music played. She tried to imitate the older performers and twirled and twirled. I was enthralled with watching her - her smile - but most of all, her seething confidence. That child KNOWS she is stunning - and I never want her to loose that. Ever. May she always be lifted up by those around her - and should they waiver, may she find the strength within herself to not just persevere, but soar. May she always know her enormous worth and truly believe that she can do anything she chooses.

She's second from the right in line - she bows very militantly at the manger and takes her place. She's sideways the whole time because she's fixed on her teacher who was demonstrating her routine backstage. Sweet baby - I've had to watch this a ridiculous number of times in an effort to desensitize myself so as not to embarrass her with my proud tears in front of her friends. I'll admit, so far my efforts have failed - I couldn't help but tear as she took the stage today...ugh. such a sap.

If you can't see her really well, double click on the video and it should bring you directly to the you tube upload. It doesn't fit properly on the blog format and I'm not sure how to fix it...

My Facebook status quote of the week:

Went a different way home from ballet class. This upset Mary Louise who has a far better sense of direction than her dimwit Momma. We made it home nonetheless. Mary Louise: Mommy!! You found our home! You're a GENIUS!!! GENIUS Mommy!! My soo pwoud of you! Me: Thank you Mary Louise. That was very sweet. ML: You welcome Mommy. Anytime. (Really? Really. Awesome. My home life is a classic Freudian study. I gave birth to my mother)

and this one - it's from Nov. 16th - but I'm not sure I've mentioned it yet...

Brent: Mary Louise, if you don't stop whining, you will not get any more nice new clothes and pretty things. Ml: but Daddy! It's in my blood to want nice cwothes and pwetty things!!! (ok. It's worse than I thought...)


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  1. Oh, yeah, girl! You must get that from your cousin Jennifer, because it's definitely in my blood to want nice clothes and pretty things, too!