Monday, December 17, 2012

On the Move

Here at the LeBlanc House we have been busier than ever.

To begin with, our sweet David was discharged / graduated from the Calcasieu Parish School Board Speech Therapy.  We are very proud of our little man for such great accomplishments.

Mary Louise continues to be a Chatty Cathy   I have to ask her at times to play the quiet game to possibly get a few seconds of quiet.  She is exhausting when we are in the car going places.  This child has a great sense of direction and never seems to forget.  We can be somewhere that we haven't gone to for months, and she will tell you where you are going just by looking at landmarks.  She is very intuitive.

Our Sweet Pea Everett cut his first tooth on 12-12-12.  His new little pearly white has been driving him crazy for the past few weeks, and the next tooth is close behind.  Not to be out done on Sunday by his accomplishments on Saturday, he decided to crawl on Sunday.  He has been scooting around for a week or so, but he really got up on all fours and crawled.  I was holding him on the sofa while Heather was sitting on the floor trying to help the kiddo's eat their supper.  Everett was so mad that his mamma wasn't holding him, that when I put him on the floor, he just got up on hands and knees and made his way to his mamma.  We were so excited that our screams of joy and applause probably scared him into never doing it again.  I actually had to wipe away the tears in my eyes from my amazement and overwhelming pride.

My children's accomplishments and milestones, no matter how big or small, really tap into my emotions.    I can't help to think how close we were from not bringing any of them home, and how lucky I am to be their father.

They give me faith, hope and love.  Faith in God and that we can overcome and accomplish anything we set our minds too.  Our family motto is "I can do anything".  Hope in our community and world that this crazy time will come to and end and good will prevail.  Hope that people quit trying to be PC and bring God back into their lives.  I am not asking people to become religious fanatics, I am just asking them to quit pushing God aside to please others.  Love of my family- I cannot explain the feeling I get when we are all together just having a fun afternoon or lazy day in our jammies.

I would do anything for my wife and kids, and I try to provide them with all they ask for.  I am thankful that my job allows me to be home more spending time with my family.

Now, about Heather.  She looks TERRIFIC!  Not that she ever looked bad or was overweight or anything like that, she was not.  Heather continues to take care or her body, and is now wearing a Size 2.  Heather continues to improve our diet and has started back at the gym.  Between breast feeding, working out, and eating right, she has found the right combination.  Time for me to follow suit.

Saturday morning was complete with a morning stroll to the farmers market, and then out again for a walk through town.  The kids were great and enjoyed the new setup.  David rode in the double jogger with his bubba Everett,  and Mary Louise got the single jogger all to herself.  Funny thing was, I found out how to make Mary Louise and David quiet: just stop next to Santa Claus at the farmers market.  They just sat there and stared at him.  They wouldn't answer any of his questions, and whispered thank you when he gave them little stockings of candy.  Once on the move again, we got to hear that that wasn't the real Santa Claus, but that he works for Santa.  The kids enjoyed throwing sticks in the water at the lake front and watching the tide take them away.

Thank You for reading my outlook on our family time.  Happy Holidays to all of you and your families!



  1. Too bad y'all aren't coming to my parents' Christmas Eve! I'd love to see the kids again. And size 2 - I want to know where Heather shops!

    Have a very merry Christmas!


    1. I'm sorry we won't make it as well! haha - we're pretty limited around here for shopping - but there is an Express so that, The Limited, American Eagle for Jeans (don't judge - they're cheap and comfy), Gap/ Old Navy for t's, Nike, Brooks and some Old Navy for workout...was that really meant to be a question? (I haven't had coffee yet.) Safe travels and Merry Christmas to you!