Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family Update!

Now that Brent has graciously spilled the beans on our homely happenings, I'll fill in the commentary and small blanks (because I'm generally wordy like that - mkay?)

David's discharge from speech therapy went just about like any other medical or therapeutic discharge goes for our family: he was sort of...kind of discharged in a non-traditional and slightly questionable unofficial way. I requested his speech services be stopped for a few reasons: 1. we have been through 2 speech therapists in this system. Neither has shown up to scheduled sessions consistently (as in, the latest one showed up about 1/3 of the time...and I'm being generous - it was so bad that I didn't really plan around her anymore - just called from wherever we were (park) before leaving to make sure she was / wasn't going to make it...). I spoke to the head of the speech department once - but left several messages and tried alternate lines to no avail. Ultimately, David was suffering more than improving. When his therapist would show, he would burst into hysterics immediately and pitch fits - or just run around the house- and away from her - for the entire 30 minutes. He would kick at her, tackle her (she was elderly, with arthritis), and tear up pages she set before him. I would have to stay with David (per her request mostly) the whole time which upset Mary Louise - who answered all of the questions before David. She refused to tailor her techniques to David's interests and insisted on focusing on a "work book" type of presentation. But that was neither here nor there...because amid the chaos that was the occasional meeting, she would whisper to me, "I don't really know why I'm here. You seem to be doing a fine job with him. I seem to interrupt his day."

During her last showing, she made some such comment. I retorted, "well, if you don't see a point in being here, then don't come. It obviously isn't doing anything for David (who was running around in circles leaving a mess of flash cards and a torn text book in his wake) and some other child might benefit from your approach so I wouldn't want to needlessly take up your time." "Well, I'll speak to my supervisor," she responded.

I clarified: I'm not a speech therapist. I can tell you that I'm not concerned about the development of David's speech. Nor am I concerned with his mental abilities. Do you feel the same?

Her: I don't see a need for speech therapy for him and I'm not sure why he would have scored so poorly during his evaluations.

Me: Well, he was uncomfortable in the testing situation and with the conductors of the evaluation - and it was done over 4 hours which was way too long to ask him to sit an answer questions.

Her: that happens. I'll speak with my supervisor about suspending services.

Me: Will his IEP still be in effect and will we be able to continue services with his IT (teacher who focuses on global skill set)?

Her: His IEP will remain and I will talk to my supervisor and let you know.

David LOVES his IT and benefits greatly from her approach and activities. More importantly, she believes he needs her services and offers extra information to me to promote progress in all areas. She is of the opinion that David is doing exceptionally well at this time and is working from a prevention stand point.

****something to keep in mind through dealing with the school system is that qualifying for their services translates into ranking as "severely delayed". Appearing to test out of services in areas simply means you are "not delayed enough"- not that you are somehow excelling in the area of concern. In this case, David's skill set under some duress would appear "low average" range- which loosely correlates with the results of his exit testing for private therapy. Upon discharge, he ranked as mid average in most areas - slightly below mid average in one area (I'd have to look up the paperwork again to be more specific). ****

So last Wednesday, I phoned David's ST to clarify our schedule as I'd not heard from her since our conversation the week prior. She said she had suspended services per my request after a conversation with her supervisor. While not completely accurate, and a little informal not to mention down right odd that I didn't have to sign...or say anything to have this done, I said ok after clarifying that his IT services would remain in tact as long as I wanted them.

Today, his IT teacher came for her regular visit and was shocked to learn of the service change. She's concerned that she'll not be allowed to continue, but assured me she would do everything she can to prevent a discontinuation of her services for David.

So, that's where we are - so SO proud of our boy!! (but a little confused none the less).

I started back at the gym last week and bring the kids to the play room there during my hour of exercise. David gets a little concerned about me leaving at first, but settles down with the ladies there and seems to be branching out if there are other kids there as well. On my third day back, I walked in to get my 3 amigos and David bounced up to me and said, "Mommy! I play with dis boy and we shared!!" There was a boy about 2 years older than him who had graciously shared his little digital game with David - who will "join" if invited to do so, but would much rather play alone than get picked on or shoved aside...again, so proud.

Everett Baily...oh precious boy:

Those pearly whites are charging through making our "grin pot" a little less than thrilled. His digestion is a wreck, the drool is out of control and his little nose is runny. He's clingy, whiny and for the first time ever, pitches "no solution" fits about twice daily - you know, the ones that crop up out of no where and no matter how many boobs, ice cubes, bottles of brandy (kidding) you shove in his face he just. won't. stop. crying.

I know - not this kid:

and certainly not this one:

and no way, no how, would this little guy pitch a fit...ever:
(now that diva next to him...that's a very different story!)

We'll get through it - though our Ergo is definitely working overtime!

and you may have heard (see tear reference by proud papa below) that our Evie-doodle is CRAWLING!! holy moly!!

(Yes, I took all of these pictures this morning)

His get up and go is fully engaged and he is on the move! ok ok, he'd rather not be on the move - he's perfectly ok with being held, brought and placed where he wants to go...but he CAN crawl - I've seen him...when he's angry. I get the "I really don't appreciate this one bit" face, he gets up on all fours, gets to where he wants to go and collapses in a dramatic puddle on angst once there (nothing a little hooray and lovie time can't cure!)

And precious Mary Louise: singer, dancer, all around great big sister!

Sweet strawberry fire cracker this baby girl keeps me on my toes!

She and David recently received letters from Santa in the mail:

They LOVED their letters and read them over and over - changing the wording each time. They are both learning their full names, and address.

Mary Louise has started to put on "shows" and insists that a curtain in necessary for her to begin her performance of twirls and summer salts. She wants to "read" every scrap of paper that makes its way through our door - which isn't necessarily new...what IS new is that she recognizes that she **might** miss something in her interpretation of the words so she asks me to read it back to her.

She is also completely out of diapers!! I'm not sure if I mentioned that before...she's been night time potty trained for probably 2 weeks now if not a little longer.

That's it for now! Everett is currently launching his afternoon no solution fit so I must run! (thankfully, I've just found that he thinks videos of himself are down right hilarious!)


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