Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting along swimmingly!

Mary Louise and David have had a couple of weeks of swimming lessons now. I am so amazed with their progress. We all live to see our guys' progress a little more with each session. Mary Louise is absolutely fearless and actually makes her instructors a bit nervous. They've even brought in a third girl...though I'm not positive that the addition is a reflection of our super excited kiddos...

I take pictures almost every time we go so the ones included here are from a number of sessions:

Mary Louise grins like this the ENTIRE time and has been known to swallow more than her share of water because of it!

Don't think David is too far behind her on the water drinking secondary to giant grins either!

David's FAVORITE instructor!


They have "free time" and get to choose a toy at the end of each session. Mary Louise consistently chooses the single Barbie / non-pool toy in the She's a girly girl from birth.

They are doing so well with it all! They absolutely LOVE their lessons and get wildly excited when I tell them "it's swimming lesson day!" They can now get out of the pool by themselves, are learning to float, can hold their breaths for around 5 seconds and can kick kick kick!

David has worked so hard to be able to get himself out of the pool. Today was the first day he did all. by. himself!! His little upper body might be slight right now, but with time and such intense effort, I know it will serve him well.

A few videos taken over the past 4 sessions - oldest to newest. It's neat to see the progression.

Mary Louise and her first real swimming attempt! - excuse the quality...we are indoors and I use my phone while holding Everett and trying not to distract the littles...

David swimming!

So proud!!


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