Saturday, June 9, 2012

3 year / 8 week check ups

I still can't believe we have 2 - 3 year olds in this house! Mary Louise and David are growing by leaps and bounds.

David is finishing up his private speech therapy - but I requested some formal evaluations in writing so that I could keep them on file...and I have to be honest and say that I retain information a little better when I can read it myself. I just want to know where we are now, in case there are any more potential issues in the future. He went to his session yesterday and did very well. They completed one test - he was average or above in all areas (but I don't know what the test was called).

They began the PLS (preschool language scale) and completed the sections up to expressive speech. His therapist needed to score it and then complete the rest next time so we will go once more to tie things up. He has to miss 5 questions in a row for sections to stop - she was asking things appropriate for age 4.5 years and he had yet to miss 5 questions in a row. So, we know he is doing really wonderfully (in that area- but I'm not sure what the title of the section was...) but the test needs to be completed and scored to find out exactly where David is overall.

I am so SO proud of my little guy. He has really worked very hard - never ever complained, and made the best of all of his sessions. His therapists have been really amazing and up beat - and keeping it all interesting with the projects they do with their clients.

I brought David and Mary Louise in for their "official" 3 year check up with the nurse practitioner at the pedi office. They went through state mandated standardized testing and did well for their age. It did, however, highlight some of my issues with standardized testing - especially at their age:

Question: "David, what do you do with a cup?"
David: "hold it"
***wrong - correct answer was "drink"

Question: "David, what do you do with a chair?"
David: "move it"
****wrong - correct answer was "sit"

Now, if you knew David, you would know that that child never EVER sits still. He does, in fact, push the toddler chairs we have (as well as the dining chairs if left to his own devices) all over the house. If we go anywhere with chairs, he pushes them. View it as a discipline problem if you must, but his thought process is just fine.

But again, they both did well on the testing (verbal and mechanical) and had great blood work - but for Mary Louise being borderline dehydrated- she was told to drink more that day because her hematocrit was in the high normal range.

David has been referred to a pediatric urologist to check the scar tissue surrounding his inguinal hernia surgical sites. It may be nothing, but the appearance was enough to concern both the NP and pedi enough for the referral. I won't go into great detail until we know more...but am very much hoping that the specialists tell us it's just nothing and will resolve with time or that it's something that can be fixed sans surgery...

David is 23 pounds 15 ounces and Mary Louise is 25 pounds 15 ounces. David is 35 inches tall and Mary Louise is 34 inches tall.

Everett saw the pediatrician for his 8 week check up yesterday. Oh. my. goodness. My little sweet potato has grown: 10 pounds 15 ounces and 23 inches long!! (no wonder he's eating all the time with growth like that!)

The pedi's words were: "He's just perfect."

I can't tell you how that makes my heart smile.

He's strong, a little ahead for his muscle and motor development and right on target for his expressive milestones (smiling - he was a ham for the doctor! and cooing).

He has been sleeping well as long as he's right next to me (which I definitely don't mind - especially now that he's out of the "spaghetti baby" stage with a bit more muscle tone - we use a co-sleeper mixed with actual co-sleeping - it's what works for us). The other night, he nursed twice through the night and slept for 4  to 5 hours stretches!! (yes please!) Mary Louise and David STILL don't sleep that well some nights!

He holds his head up **pretty well** (just be ready to catch!) if he's sitting up and can pick it up to about 45 degrees while on his tummy. He LOVES to "dance" on our laps - pushing up with his legs and sort of jumping.

Last night, he and Brent were having great "agoo" conversations - Everett was so so interested and just staring away at Brent's face. Brent would coo, and Everett would return with a sound and so on. It was amazing, and just one of those moments that I wanted to absolutely freeze in my heart and mind for all time.

Oh - and yes, our Suga chunk has kept his auburn hair and well as his baby blues which have gone from the "newborn navy" to a slightly lighter deep blue color much like David's. We'll see if it all stays that way over many changes! I don't want to blink!

Everett's shots went well. No fever, mild fussiness (but really - I don't know that it was more than usual) last night. I only allowed half of them though as the Dtap has a tendency for side effects and they didn't have the "combo" injection in stock which meant 5 sticks?! no thank you. I made sure all respiratory prevention was given and we waited on the next Hep B and one other - we'll return in 2 weeks. I'm not starting a big vaccine debate here. But, to answer the question on "do we or don't we". We do - but on a somewhat delayed schedule. I nursed Everett all afternoon and most of the night yesterday and he rested peacefully, fed as he wanted and needed, and didn't complain at all when I removed his band-aids last night... no Tylenol needed.

There is some question about his dairy tolerance (or lack there of). Now, I am not a big dairy eater...but I like a spot of milk in my coffee, cheese on my salad (a sprinkle of parm just makes my world happy) and goodness knows I have a thing for ice cream - but not daily. I am a fan of yogurt though...maybe I'm bigger on dairy than I thought.

So, I am thinking of cutting my little indulgences to help his tummy (and in hopes that it will help me drop these last 7 pounds from his pregnancy so that I can finally drop the 10 I carried after Mary Louise, David and Kuylen). He doesn't seem overly bothered - but has frequent gas and his stools do not look like that "seedy" breast milk poop that I'm used to - more like a gel. (too much info? yeah - welcome to parenting)

I showed the doctor a dirty diaper (he produced 3 while waiting - we were there at his normal poop time) but unfortunately, the "dirt" had soaked in and she couldn't quite tell if it was an issue or not. Dairy intolerance has about 1001 possible symptoms and can be out grown as early as 3 months or so. So, I might just try cutting it out to see if it makes a difference. If it does, I can stay off of it for a bit and add it back over time...or not - I'm pretty sure I'd be better off without it anyway.

And finally, I was able to proudly donate just under 6 GALLONS of breast milk to a very worthy cause. I was just ecstatic to be on the giving end after receiving (countless prayers and support) for so very long. To give is such a beautiful certainly does take a village to raise our little ones - and the village can work in ways some have never dreamed.


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