Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family Photos!! Summer 2012!!

In case you're wondering where the spiffy new photo came from...we had family photos taken about 2 weeks ago now. It went as well as it could with so many very very young kiddos - and one husband who would be more than fine never ever ever taking a picture. Ever.

It was late afternoon / early evening when the photographer came. Not our best time of day but it was the time the photographer had available so I grabbed it. Mary Louise and David took long naps with Mommom that day before she left so I really was hoping for the best during the photo session.

David pitched 2 fits and pooped within the first 20 minutes. Impressive right? That is why we have LOTS of super happy Mary Louise pictures (she was WILD) and almost no pics of David at all. But there are 1 or 2 really nice ones of him so I'm happy...

A really beautiful moment between Brent and Everett was captured:

And a number of great shots of the kids were taken:

Everett was less than thrilled about this one -but it does look sweet anyhow:

Our sweet Suga Bean:

"2 little monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Love this:

and this:

Everett was a good sport through it all...until David accidentally elbowed him in the nose when trying to sit down for family photos...which produced this recorded moment:

But he rebounded pretty well...and apparently so did Mary Louise:

Photo Bomber:

David made all BFF with a stick:

and Mary Louise started to tucker out:

So we packed it up and went home- hoping we got a few good shots but knowing we had, at a minimum, a few funny stories with illustrations.

Sometimes we adore each other:

But we always ALWAYS love one another.

I am very thankful to my little family for (sort of) holding it together to do this. I expect less hemming and hawing next time. Oh yes. There will be a next time...


And I think that brings me up to snuff on blogging - except for a small update on David's is scheduled for the first week of August and, considering David's history and our home location (over 3 hours from the hospital where he will have surgery), the surgeon has officially requested and cleared with our insurance company for David to spend 1 night in the hospital to ensure stability and pain management. We (I) am very very nervous about all of this and am quite pre occupied with it all. I know it's necessary, but it the very thought of David being wheeled off again and having to wait in mental agony to hear that he's ok is just enough to give me panic attacks. I know we'll get through this but any thoughts or prayers for strength, safety and happy healing you can send our way would once again be more than appreciated.


  1. What beautiful pictures!! Our photo shoots are always a disaster, but we end up with great shots somehow anyway. Good luck on the's a ways out, try not to stress in the meantime.

  2. Adorable! Your house looks beautiful, too.


  3. Love, love, love the pictures! David is too cute and ML is such a pretty little lady, and I love Everett's hair! Praying for peace about David's surgery.