Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet! Molars!

Mary Louise and David have been quite a handful lately...and not in an especially good way. This week has been particularly rough. They are either constipated or a little on the tummy upset side of things - nothing in the middle no matter what I do. They have been WILDLY clingy. They fuss - even when I'm doing my best to hold and console and re-direct and whatever else I can think of to do.

But the really weird that they have been EATING. I mean eating like crazy! But not really for anyone but me. (ok - so only Abbey and Brent have tried - but they simply turn up their noses and will not have any part of the meal). They don't want just anything either - they have gone back to baby food. They have gone back to eating like mad in the bathtub, during their playtime. They have gone back to the somewhat mindless eating of their first cereal and "try one veggie at a time for 3 days before choosing a second veggie" days. I definitely wouldn't mind the eating...if it weren't for...

THE RETURN OF HORRID REFLUX!!!! Oh my gosh. Projectile, full force, not so baby vomit all over them and me 3 or 4 times this week. Today, I gave a second dose of Zantac - they were so miserable!

Why? Why is this happening?

The evil teething monster has holed up in our guest room and refuses to leave. They both have 2 molars (each) charging through. I'm sure there are more on the way - those that are poking through are on the top, but there are a few balding and questionable spots on the bottom.

When they first started to cut teeth, they cut all 6 that each of them have over about a 1 month time period so I am mentally preparing for a similar trek.

Sweet babies, I wish I could make the discomfort go away...but in the meantime, I'm aiming to find a way to take caloric advantage of these lovely appetites! (hopefully, with a little extra Zantac on the side, they can keep a few of their eating tirades in check!)


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