Friday, November 12, 2010

A picture worth...

I don't know what this picture is worth. It's amazing. It's terrible. It's fantastic. It's bizarre. It's of my dad's the garden just feet away from the now charred to the ground church...

From Drop Box

I have no idea about the scarecrow...but I thought the photo worth posting...



  1. Oh Heather! How wonderful!! God is so good, even in all this tragedy. I'm so happy your dad's bench is still in tact.

  2. Heather- So sorry about your church. You wrote such a sweet post about it the other day. I like the picture. It's like- life goes on after loss...or something like that. Trudy Davis

  3. So very sorry about your church Heather. And sorry to hear about the reflux and eating craziness. Teething really messes with Jimmie at times too. Prayers coming your way for those precious babies!