Saturday, November 6, 2010

Precious Moments


David was taking a nap upstairs and I was downstairs with Mary Louise. She looked at the baby monitor, pointed and said, "Dae Dae? DAE". I told her, "that's right baby. David is sleeping. Do you want to give David kisses?" She grabbed the monitor, pressed the screen against her forehead, and looked up at me and grinned.

Mary Louise has taken up cleaning as of late. She grabs any type of cloth available and scoots around wiping anything within reach - sometimes spots on the floor, sometimes the seat of a chair or the baby gates...but today topped all when she walked up to me with a baby wipe and proceeded to wipe MY face with it. My little momma...

This evening, it took me 2 hours to put David to bed. Oh that's right. 2. hours. He was lying down, I thought he might be sleeping, he started to scratch the pillow next to him because his nails on the fabric make noise. He grinned, opened his eyes, looked at me and laughed. Out loud.

Mary Louise and David have both started to dance. On command.

David has hung from all of the top drawers in the kitchen this week - and by hung I mean dangle, swing, full monkey style least we know the drawers are sturdy. His new favorite activity is to stand on the bottom rung of the baby gate and pull back and forth on the bars as if we have him locked in a cage - all while yelling - but not usually an angry yell, more of a "look at what I can do!" yell.

Mary Louise woke a little while ago and wanted one of us to keep her company while she was attempting to go back to sleep. Brent had to switch out with me because her hair was just the most hysterical thing I've seen all day. It was sticking up in "Something about Mary" fashion and would not lay down no matter how many times I tried to smooth it.

Every time Brent tells Mary Louise, "no" or tries to redirect her when she's exhibiting undesirable behavior, she gives him a hug. I'm not kidding. That baby girl has her daddy under her thumb and she's not even 2 yet!


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  1. LOVE that last story. Little girls sure do know how to work their daddy! Too precious.