Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Hanging in there"

My typical answer for the general "how ya doing?". And it's true. I logged into this blog for the first time in months a few minutes ago, took a deep breath, and started this. I'm not sure what will come through, but it's time...

We've had a time of monumental change and I needed to retreat to a tiny corner and sit for awhile. Process, love on the littles, and just be. Thoughts have been a blur, and I literally am unable to think 5 minutes into the future anymore (which, I'm finding is quite nice actually).

Everett had his last visit with the hematologist in March. Fully recovered, he is within normal limits for both circulating and stored iron.

Tomorrow, he has his first visit with a plastic surgeon. He has a rapidly growing granuloma on his cheek. It is (upon a dermatologist visit) thought to be one that continues growing rapidly and never resolves, is very unstable (as evidenced by Ev running into David on Sunday or so and bleeding and oozing just about non-stop since), and it needs to be surgically removed (meaning stitches...meaning scarring...on his face...hence the plastic consult). It is thought to be benign and the greatest concerns would be 1. sedation, 2. infection, 3. amount of scarring and 4. reducing chance of regrowth as much as possible. I'll post more here as I know more.

Mary Louise and David had eye check ups in January. They went well - very little change in vision. However, David's left eye has been wandering outward during exhaustion since I can remember. It was corrected with glasses to some degree. But the vision in that eye has declined faster than the right. I am now putting dilating drops in the unaffected eye weekly and patching as much as he'll let me (we play pirates...often...and super heroes...who only need one eye...and when all else fails, I let him watch a show I wouldn't normally allow (Spiderman). My favorite David conversation so far was the first time I put the patch on:

Me: Hey David? Remember those super cool pirate patches we got at the store?
D: Yeah!!
Me: How about you come and choose a color and decorate one. Then we can try it out and be rockin' pirates Bub!
D: OK!! YAY!
ML: I want to wear an eye patch!!
Me: ...
(David put stickers on his patch...I put it on)
D: Hey Mom! I can't see if you cover my eyes!

Sweet baby really doesn't seem to be able to see much out of that left eye...but we're working on it. We go back mid summer for a recheck...hoping for some resolution or at least slowed progression.

Mary Louise has had a couple of visits with her pulmonologist. He will see her again mid summer to hopefully stop all meds completely for awhile. This. THIS. is huge. She is taking 1 puff of Advair daily right now. No nasonex, no adenoid removal, no sinus surgery on the horizon...She runs, she plays, we've used the nebulizers once this year during the winter. Vitamins, probiotics, kicking dairy, elderberry syrup, local honey, nettles based allergy vitamin, shark liver oil immune boosters and the correct (CORRECT) preventative prescriptions. It's what's working. Each little step pushed her to get a little bit better, recover from illness a little easier, faster, stronger. Each brick is so important. And with the doctors seeing that with diligence, this preventative approach is well worth the outcome, perhaps hope will resume (because, let's face it, it is so very needed). The next time they find an ubber obnoxious wild eyed bear momma sitting in their office insisting that "it's just not good enough" and "my baby CAN and WILL be better - I just need to find the way"...perhaps in this critical but relatively typical situation, they can offer something more than "well, this med will work, but it's expensive (without even looking at our ins. coverage)..." or "you know, when people come to me, they usually just want a quick fix script - not a long term diet change".

Mary Louise and David will have their end of the year recital this weekend. David is nervous, ML is hard to contain and has informed David that he must NOT mess up her "big stage". Ha. Stinkers. They will have swimming lessons and a fine motor / handwriting course this summer. and....they will attend a Montessori preschool program 3 days per week in the fall!!! It's very small (15 students total), in home, and they are beyond excited to attend "real" school. I'm nervous...mostly about exposure to illness. But, developmentally, it's time for them. They are begging to try. Having an opportunity to get them into a program like this is a great blessing. So, we'll dive in in a few more months!

We've had another round of birthdays here as well...5 and 2 ya'll...5 and 2. 5 and 2...5 and 2...FIVE AND TWO!!

Mouth in the middle:

Ma Monkeys...

My greatest lesson: if you see a field of flowers...stop and enjoy... know...if you're allergy prone, perhaps have the appropriate antihistamine cream on hand post crimson clover dance...always learning...



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  1. Heather: Thank you for updating your post. I was worried about you because it had been months since your last post. We have moved out of Houma so I had no way of finding our how things were going. We moved to Bossier City to be closer to Steven, his wife and 4 kids and David. Ms. Roane