Friday, July 9, 2010

A boy and his froggie

David has never had a proper "blankie". Though he was rather attached to his Wubba Nubs for awhile, we can certainly leave them at home and for the most part, he's pretty much given them up altogether. He does suck his thumb upon occasion...but David is truly 100% attached to his NICU froggies. You might remember these mentioned way back when the little ones were just really starting to grow in the NICU. They were so tiny when they were born that we had to wait awhile to even get froggies. But eventually, they were put in with the babies as a comfort and positioning aid. Essentially, they are a large bean bag with little legs and on the tag, a name "Fredrick T. Frog" hence we call them "froggies" or "Freddy Frog". Admittedly, at that time, I was rather attached to the froggies as well. In the NICU where we were, a froggie given is one that is for that particular baby only. I was allowed to take them home every few days for a wash and would care for those little things as if they were - well, my kiddos. I loved to smell them, I loved to hold them. I loved the fact that I had an "assignment" and the fact that the nurses always smiled and said, "thank you" when I brought them back. It gave me another purpose when I needed it most. Before I could hold them, before they could breathe on their own, before I could even open their little isolette doors for more than a few minutes because of devastating temperature fluctuations, I was..."froggie cleaner".

This is David on his last day of intubation - so at about 6 weeks old - snuggled up with one froggie around his head and one over his legs to offer weight and simulate womb life. The nurses all knew what side he liked, and how he wanted his froggies positioned just so to comfort him best - finicky little old man that he was - wise way beyond his few precious days.

David today cannot - and will not- go for more than a few hours without his froggies. He's gotten particularly attached since he's started teething as they offer some relief when he chews on them. He does not go to sleep without one under his arm. I've actually put him down without one once and was met about a half hour later with sheer panic and a tantrum that resolved only when I tucked Freddie in with the little guy in charge.

But, one of my favorite stories so far about "Frederick T. Frog" is from just this morning. I was clinging to my last few moments of peaceful sleep, listening to David starting to stir. He began to giggle. He has the funniest laugh - a little, low voiced "he he" and a smirk. Then suddenly, I had a froggie slung across my face and opened my eyes only to see David's mouth - and 2 big front teeth coming towards my nose. Luckily, he caught the edge of his froggie and I escaped with just a little drool across my brow. He was just wild with laughter after that - as if he'd played the best joke ever on me.

Mary Louise stirred a bit and snuggled up to me as she opened her eyes.

They slept a bit better last night - and apparently, it did them some good. We went swimming today with Mommom and after their initiation with MaMere, they are completely in love with the water. They giggle, grin and kick and even chase toys. We play "motorboat" over and over and they are slowly getting more comfortable on their backs. We really had a grand time!

No word yet on any offers for the house though we are still very hopeful that it will sell quickly. We sign on our new house on Thursday!!! We are just thrilled - nervous of course - but really excited about the move and the prospect of getting settled into a place we just absolutely love.

I've been thinking tons about sweet Kuylen lately...though he's really constantly on my mind, I still have periods that are more ummm - intense- than others. Nothing to say about it really...I just wonder if I'll always see three wee ones toddling about instead of my 2 very precious bebes...


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