Monday, May 7, 2012

Tummy Time

This term "tummy time" used to make me cringe when Mary Louise and David came home. In practice, ML and D acted like it was nothing short of torture. Admittedly, I also thought it was totally ridiculous that someone had actually coined a term for something that parents would typically do instinctively anyhow. Really? does EVERYTHING need a formal name?

So, here we are with Everett who is trying to look around like crazy. (Ok, I absolutely realize he's a little hungry here and rooting) He's spending more and more time in the afternoon awake and alert so Mary Louise, David and I are having great fun playing with the little guy - doing exercises, just talking to him and, of course, encouraging strengthening movements.

So much fun! Way to go my strong little guy!!

Speaking of strengthening, I walked a bit (about a mile - maybe just over) this afternoon pushing the stroller with the 2 "bigguns" and with Everett tucked safely in my Moby. It felt good to be out for a stroll again and I look forward to some longer walks and getting back into running (somehow) in the months to come (just waiting on that pesky Dr. clearance now!)


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  1. Great job on the walk! Take it slow, you will get back to running eventually.