Monday, May 19, 2014

(Best) Face Forward

We said goodbye to Everett's unwanted little friend (the granuloma on his right cheek) this morning very (way too) early.

The pic above was from a month ago. The bump had almost doubled in size and I couldn't keep him from scratching it and causing it to bleed.

Everett did really well with the surgery. They were able to "gas him down" quickly, make a very small incision, remove the lump and some surrounding tissue for send off and close with 3 little stitches. I'll bring him back to the plastic surgeon in the morning just for a look-see to make sure everything is ok 24 hours post op.

Beyond recovering for a little over an hour, a reeeally grumpy wake up at 4am when he usually nurses...but couldn't much to his GREAT dismay, and a 3 hour catch up nap this afternoon, sweet Ev has been go go go as usual this afternoon.

Gracious thanks for the thoughts and well wishes. Hoping for some super uneventful healing and pathology results!


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